"Friends and beloved soul siblings I will be forthright with you. I'm just going through a grief process which comes daily and leaves. I will remain productive. I am on the ball. I have duties and responsibilities. Strange grief vs. depression can and are different, not necessarily to go hand by hand. I am handling. I will notify you if for whatever reason I will need some time off. I will be honest.

You are all special and I treat you with the honesty of my current situation. I am doing fine circumstances notwithstanding. Thank you and bless you friends for the caring pouring from your very heart as well mind for being a friend, Paul your soul brother and sibling. Thank you; you've all been such a comfort for a stage we must all pass through in time.

I am full of grief; I never knew a heart could be torn out and still live. I am grieving, but I shall make Quwahia proud.

I will live and share both our hearts-hers and mine through her artwork and poetry. She truly was a mini goddess of flame (She is Aries), forever I am beholden to knowing her and spending, living, thriving, sharing our love for 15 miraculous years.

For Q in prayer I remember the very first second in time as well eternity upon which I seen Quwahia and our twin eyes matching, flaming and seeing something electrifying. A I cry tear for naught for this universe has taken you from embraces we shared.

We met in destiny in our first class on our journey in life. She apparently was shy and stayed in a corner, but I could feel her essence, the divine special nature that was in Quwahia's soul-fire.

I cannot change destiny, my LOVE. Aho a cruel unjust god does upon his throne torture all with travails. Quwahia come back to me. I know it makes no sense; rhyme, or reason. I miss you so much. Upon every morn' do I look upon all your beauty, which shown from the pictures we had together.

How my Love did this come to pass? I curse god, a god I don't believe in; for taking us apart. I cannot think of living without you part and parcel of my life...ah such is useless grief. It does not bring back the ones we have loved.

We had a life together and it was torn asunder by a cruel (really impartial total and indifferent) universe. I have lost you in the endless chasms of time; and also eternity my own beloved soul partner; part of my essence, and part of my reason for life.

It's a catharsis, believe talking and being real: filled all of honesty does indeed give a great help that I'm grateful. I thank all so much, friends of loving kindness you gave in my grief. It can't be forgotten.
One does an injustice to deny hurt. This is for understanding, some shed lamp upon darkness in the unconscious. It is meant to be informative and read to understand.

I am very humbled in the friends I am lucky in life to share a journey, thank you beloved friends. Much love of my family I have as friendship and a part of my soul-group. In the note 'Grief' I witnessed friends being so loving. I am humbled and so filled with loving tears.

My Love, you have left this earth. You are in the heart of mine which beats eternal with your divine love. How I miss you, your presence, and the essence of all you are." LightSun