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Wow, I'm impressed. Good for you!

I had an ISTJ man tell me that they feel sorry for me saying, "The world has been tough on you." I was deeply hurt by this and felt humiliated because it seems he must just feel pity for me. Should I see/take what he had said to me in this way?
Only he knows exactly how he meant that, unless you asked. This may just be his way of saying he feels hurt on your behalf. I don't see that as the same thing as pity, it's empathy, which means that he cares about you. I would consider that by "I feel sorry for you" he may be trying to express that, "you didn't deserve these circumstances because you are better than that." Either way, I suggest telling him how it sounded when he said that and ask him to elaborate. Unless you explained it, he may have no idea that your feelings are hurt.