Why are those posts recategorized as Pregnancy and Self-Image? They are not about pregnancy. I was using Athenian200's earlier example:

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That definition is subjective, and doesn't really tell me anything. Imperfection is relative to one's idea of perfection.

Perhaps you need an example... suppose you see your friend tell a pregnant woman that she's thin when she asks about her weight, when in reality she isn't. Clearly his judgment is flawed, but it doesn't harm anyone. It maybe irritatingly inconsistent with reality, but it can be beared under the circumstances.

Now, if I had a friend who were a government official, and he raised taxes on everyone claiming there were a threat that didn't exist, and pocketed all the money instead of doing what he said he would with it, and I saw all the people mistreated and poor because of his policies, I would consider it detrimental to the society in question, and have to decide whether my loyalty was to my friend, or to that society. I'd probably choose the latter.

Does that help?
The pregnancy in the example was incidental as far as I could tell.

They belong in the context of subjective perfection, which is integral to the Fi/Fe communication discussion. This is like moving the hare analogy posts to a special thread called Hares and Seasonal Coloring. It doesn't make sense.