Ok. I had a weird dream and I remember someone asking if I try to interpret my dreams, but I don't because they are too weird for me.

I only remembered a small part and I had to get up quickly and write it down before I forget it.

Anyway, in the part that I remember, I was back stage with Bob Barker but it looked like the back stage of an opera house or something. I was talking to him about something that I don't quite remember, and it was like I blinked in the dream or looked away and when I looked again, he was suddenly wearing a priest robe and seemed to be taller.

I proceeded to talk to him about how values are so different from the 50s or something similar, and I kind of blinked again, at which point he was kind of just a cardboard cutout of only his head, and it looked slightly cartoony, and had some thread wrapped around it for some reason.

I remember I continued to try and talk to Cardboard Cutout Bob Barker Head - who was just laying on the floor and it was like I was squatting down or laying by him - and I was concerned that I hurt his feelings or something because he wasn't talking or moving at all. Just kind of had a blank expression that didn't change, which I thought was kind of weird (I didn't even think about the fact that cardboard cutouts don't talk or move..)

I was getting really concerned about him, then all of a sudden, without moving his cardboard mouth which was only printed on anyway, he said "I need some whiskey!" and I thought 'oh! ok!' and looked around for some. There was a bottle right on the floor next to him, maybe a few feet away, where it hadn't been prior. I looked at it for a minute and wondered how it got there, picked up and looked back at Bob, and saw that he somehow turned into a square ink bottle. The old kind of ink bottle that people would use with quill pens.

I was wondering how I'm going to give Ink Bottle Bob Barker any whiskey, but then I realized that he's now a bottle, so maybe I can pour some in. But I noticed Bob was already half full of ink and I hesitated a bit, but could sense he was waiting really impatiently, so I just poured some whiskey in right over the ink... At first nothing happened and I got a feeling that he was going to choke, and I felt bad and stupid because I didn't even know how Ink Bottle Bob breathes or drinks something - what if I just killed him? But then suddenly I hear a gulping sound as the whiskey got absorbed into the ink somehow, and I was relieved that I didn't choke him to death.

Then some other crazy stuff happened that I don't quite remember, and I woke up going "wtf?"