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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post

    There's actually some harm in this, I think, in terms of people labeling themselves in categories, in terms of having bad tendencies they feel they can't fix because they are "OCD" or "narcissists" or whatever elese, and in terms of treating people with serious, true forms of those syndromes with respect rather than just sloughing them off.
    Another harmful side to this might occur when people who have misdiagnosed themselves (or what have you) use this idea of themselves as a crutch. As in, they will constantly use these diagnoses as an excuse to continue to live as they do. "I can't help it, I have anxiety", instead of trying to change their situations. I think when you repetitively portray yourself in a certain way, you integrate that into your identity, and that can be harmful as well.
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    Why not though? One of our great quests in life is to feel understood, and also to understand ourselves. It may very well be "in", but that doesn't make it any less valid. I identify as a person with OCD, something I was ashamed of for years. Granted, I have been officially diagnosed, but it took coming to terms with it, owning it, and being open about it before I actually went to my doctor and got put on medication for it.

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