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    Default an idea from a dream

    I had this dream, where I was prescribed this anti-anxiety med and with it came a teeny tiny mp3 player and head phones, along with a pamphlet that said before taking try to reduce anxiety put relaxing music on this 6 gig music player.

    Don't you think that if they did stuff like this it would be helpful, and maybe people could learn how to relax with out chemicals?
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    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I think they already do? I'm not familiar with therapy councelings and the likes outside of what I've seen in movies and stuff, but wouldn't this be the first step to try and help someone with anxiety problems?

    Or is the world so far beyond repair that everyone just pulls a number, walks up to a window and picks up their meds? NEXT!
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    @prplchknz They do have meditation apps if you have a smart phone or for your computer. It will give you reminders throught the day to relax by playing soft music that you can meditate to. You can program it to go off randomly or at certain times.

    Also, since you've mentioned you can feel anxious sometimes I would recommend deep breathing excercises

    I hope that helps
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    I could probably get a lot of ideas from my dreams, except my dreams are like really weird, lol. Used to write fiction though, got a lot of story ideas that way.
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