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    Charisma is what you emanate when you have no power, no status, no money, and no fame. It is a pure unexplainable magnetism. Some people call it an aura. Maybe some people in politics have it but most do NOT. I think this may be a difference in causation and causality? Obama has charisma or at least is a great public speaker and can tap into popular sentiment. Was it Kissinger who said "power is the greatest aphrodisiac" I have met some people who were not that physically attractive but were very charismatic and commanded positive attention and respect. Any man can have panties thrown at him if he looks like a moose but has high status. And famous people all have carefully constructed images. That's not necessarily charisma. Charisma is not manufactured, it is personal. People don't want something from you they just want to be around you.

    I guess this thread is more about sexual attraction and politicians now but wanted to throw in my 2 cents. :P
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    I once read that charisma is the talent of making another feel as though you see them as they want to be seen themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    I definitely agree that there are women seeking long-term marriages that favor these dark triad males. No doubt. And honestly, not all of them are status seekers looking for powerful, dominant men. Some of them are looking for love, and prioritize the sexual excitement and passion (and unpredictability) the dark triad brings when searching for a partner. I've known some otherwise very sweet women that do this.
    Yeah, I understand, of course.

    Wow, she sounds like a real catch. She doesn't really sound like a girl that's looking for a sexual relationship at all, honestly, and simply wishes to exchange her youth and virginity for a high-status male. I'd be curious to see how all that ends up working out for her.
    I've gotten to know her a little better and I actually think she's some kind of xSTJ. She says now she's making all of these excuses because she probably doesn't really want to be with anyone, no one lives up to her standards (and frankly I agree with what she's saying, it sounds to me like she's surrounded by a bunch of immature Guido types in Jersey when she's looking for a more stable, traditional man who takes responsibility, and you know, keeps a job and apparently knows several females her age who already have kids outside of marriage and baby daddies...and I don't blame her, I totally see her point on this, although we differ on our views in terms of the Fuhrer and sex lol) yeah she's seeing her youth/viriginity as a bargaining chip because really she seems like she doesn't want a relationship, and she wants to be independent and have a career.

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    Most religions are founded by one charismatic person.

    But even that charismatic person dies but the religion must continue, so the religion forms a bureaucracy in order to survive.

    Unfortunately today charisma has been devalued so that every celebrity is now charismatic.

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