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    So at my parent's house there's a detached garage and in my dream one side of it was a bar so I was hanging out there talking to people. and the next day I go into the main part of the garage and my dad's there and the bartender is taking care of bar stuff and he brings out a lifesize marionette that looks like some character from little house on the prairie and she's animated kinda creepy and he comes outs with a silver platter that has drinks on it. and he pulls a beer out of his pocket and offers it to my dad and he first offers me a diet coke I refuse as I hate diet coke and then a diet pepsi which I still refuse I hate diet and he says if you put cream in it you'd like it. (it was kinda sexist, he's not sexist at least not to that point) and offers me a beer and my dad's like did you give her a beer at the bar? and I was like no, (nbecause I hadn't drank I was just hanging out) and then I wake up irl and then go back to sleep and i'm back at the bar and there's these two females that are related to the bar tender and one tells me how she was depressed and hung out with wolfgang puck and oprah and how she lived her life like theirs
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Default My most memorable dream.

    First image

    It begins with a large open hall with pillars, much similar to greek design, with a large red carpet with golden seams on the side. There's four pillars on each side, and as I look upon them, my Mother and Brother takes a few step forwards. We are here on a vacation, it is a hotel and my mum is in a hurry to check in. As we walk forward, I realize that the line is moving very slowly, and I begin a stroll. I look at the floor, with its great beige marmor stone blocks, all in a diamond shape, prettily lined besides each other, and I stare at the carpet, so red and lush - If it was alive it had to be a predator, few things are so interesting without trying to capture the curious ones. The walls, a dark brown also with golden threads weaved into them but not in an overbearing sense, no it is more as if they are subtly making the wall stand out from the walls, causing one to think of data-lines in on a motherboard. The desk where the clerks receive customers, is marble white and spotless. Then I see it, just to the left there's a small door. It isn't much bigger than I am and it is entirely brown, as the bark of a tree. As I walk further on, nobody seems to notice me and I open the door and slip inside.

    Inside, I see walls covered in papers, with strange numbers and symbols on them. There's also blueprints, and maps and books on shelves. To my left I see the back of an elf. It is an elf, see, because the ears are pointy and shifts anxiously on his chair.

    "If you are to be here, at least help out. There's a box on the desk, just behind the wall I am staring at all day and all night, please do put it together and then give it to me" He says.

    A few words of mine momentarily surfaces but I am unable to speak, I move around his desk and look for the box he wanted help with. Inside, I find a blue satin pillow with depressions and each depression had caught a metal object within. There was no guidance but I knew how to solve it. I then held a gun in my hand, more specifically a Mp5 submachine gun. I walk around the corner, hand it to him and..

    "Sure sure, you did that splendidly. Now, Ralf, take him to the other floor."

    I begin to stare at a figure, only half my size and wearing strange penguin suit, the main color dark green and secondary color dark red. With brown and yellow boots, he shows me the way into a small elevator and closes the manual gate without a sound but a soft "plink".
    We begin to ascend.
    (Second image)

    When the gate opens again, a strange floor meets me. It is the floor of seven and a half, with white and black diamonds, 30x30 cm, and to my left there is nothing to see, to my right there are sinks with taps above them and straight onwards, I find a tree, it is not a normal kind of tree, it is growing copper pipes, all twirling and twisting, with taps blossoming every here and there. Notes are stating Fairy bubbles, Bright blood and Hair whiskers. The taps with sinks also have notes above them, Chocolate pudding, Boys Tears and Wet dreams. I begin tapping them for their contents. Out streams Chocolate pudding and I stuff my face full, leaving the tap flowing, I turn to the Fairy bubbles and flowing they do, into my hands, out on the floor all sparkly and changing colours, hardly easy to really see and even less to believe. Out they flowed and I followed, trying to catch them as they came. The little figure speaks to me;

    "My Master has wishes to see you, follow me."

    And I follow him, there's a great staircase, perhaps even more than a hundred steps high and the width of it, maybe five meters each step. It looks as if it is flooding out onto the floor, as if it isn't solid at all, as if I would fall and drown into it. A few steps upwards, there's a great window. It is taller than any two men standing on top of each other, wider too. On the outside, there's a wing like on a plane. There's a sky, with clouds and... are those people?

    "Yeah, we are holding a quidditch cup soon. It is just easier training on the outside than inside."

    "Can I try?"

    "Yes you can but would you kindly follow me first?"

    (third image)

    As I climb the staircase, there's another floor on top of what I thought was the roof. There's real fairies! And dwarfs! and Stuff happening! Like cool awesome stuff that I can't really explain. Working on things. Talking, meeting and speaking to each other on topics I can't even begin wrapping my head around. I'll just follow that guy. At the top of the stairs, I stand in front of a door. It is a double door. Black. Insignificant. Just a door.

    "Go inside."

    I open the door.

    Inside, there's a great room. An old theatre. There's rows and rows of seats, all clad in red cloth, and a stage with its bloody curtains. In front of the stage, a strange phenomenon, I see flimsy corners, lines appearing and vanishing, faces and eyes and mouths and ideas of what was there popping in and out of reality. A constant conundrum in flux. I look, I stumble and I wish to see.

    "Is this better? Can you see me now?" A figure, a man, really trivial appearance. I just can't fetch him from memory. He's more of an entitety that is beyond humanity.

    "I can see you now."

    "You've chosen this picture out of all of them? Okay. I can work with this."

    "Who are you?"

    "Me? I am the dream master. Or merchant I guess one could say. I make dreams come true. Look, I've had visits from your whole family, your mother, brother, your aunt. Plenty of people I have appeared to and plenty has had their wishes come true." "There is a price. Every dream you experience, you will have lost and is in my pocket. I'll give you a dream for free, if you'd like to try."

    "I don't believe you. My mother has been here? She has never told me.. Okay, so..." and I request a dream.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The dream.

    I wake up, I'm on a big bed with a tv in front of it. The sheets are wrinkled, they fel warm to my touch. There's nothing much in the room. The tv goes on. I see a well. A young woman in climbing out of it, I recognize it and wait impatiently. She comes closer and closer to the tv screen. She's pushing her head out of it, without eyes to see she flicks her head in my direction and begins to climb out of the tv set. I look at her, waiting and I am horny as fuck. As she reaches the bed, I can see that her body is close to rotten, there are no flies or insects, it has been preserved well in water and she is moving erraticly. I reach out for her head and push it down, I am fairly strong. She is trying to reach for me, to swallow me whole. I grab her arms and I bite into her neck, I tear a piece of her neck and throat with my teeth, I throw it behind me and she is healing as wolverine. I rip off her clothes and tear into her, with beastly hands and thrust myself into her. Penetrating deep. Our dance is that of barbarians, with flesh and hair tossed about. She heals fast, when I grab an arm and tear it from her body, it grows back in an almost instant. I feel free, I enjoy myself and when I finally orgasm, I am flown out of it.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "However did you like it?" Said the Dream master.

    "It was exactly what I was looking for." I said.

    "By all means; I can take any dream into light, all you have to do is ask."

    And the dreams followed. I don't remember them. They were bought by him and lived by me. Frankly, I am terrified that I sold of more dreams than I wished to. It took me a while before I realized that what I was doing, was selling of parts of my enitety. I was literally handing away things I had accumelated through countless lives. It is the scariest revelation I've had in my life. and After a while of memory lost dreams....

    What happened? I have been here before. I know this is wrong. I need to leave. *Opening a door from nowhere to nowhere.
    Outisde, I see tree-like mountains, with houses on their peaks, I see people flying in the air on top of brooms (assume they are witches), there's a village beneath the mountains, people wandering about, lights and brown houses, the place looks cozy from afar. I am standing on a ledge, peering out above it all and with a stone path heading down into the strange valley. I begin to walk, and find my way to the village (in dreams you seldom take the entire way). There's shops with magical lights inside, foodstuffs and many of the other varieties you can find in the modern world. The villagers seem almost distant. Even in their own interactions, something is off. I stand to look and they aren't really talking with each other. There's an eerie silence behind their words.

    "Sorry, but where am I?"

    "Oh, welcome traveller! You have reached Stone valley."

    "Ah, thank you. And how do I leave?"

    "Leave? There's no leaving the Stone valley!"

    "I'd like to leave. Do you know what that is?" I point towards an "elevator". It looks like an elevator. It should be an elevator but it strangely moves in the air without any easily observed pattern as to where it will end up next.

    "Oh, welcome traveller! You have reached Stone valley."

    What? Are these guys NPC's or something? It must be hard to control entire dreams and since I did not initiate this dream, perhaps what I am seeing is only the illusion of a dream and the one that lives the dream has the focus point. Oh well, I think to myself, I need to find out where to go. I should try to find the place that feels more alive.

    And I take off, I see brooms in a shed and grab one of them -kicking of the ground as in harry potter, and lift up towards the houses on the mountain peaks. The peaks almost look like Saturn, with a wooden ring around the house to tread upon when landing and taking off. Inside a creamy painted house, I find strange things but it still does not feel alive. I leave the store and again kick off the ground, this time gentle logs push back and I am off into the air. Below me I see a restaurant. There's sounds and music coming from there, I can almost feel the presence of reality and decide, this must be it. I arrive in a beatuful restaurant, with many a guest and some of the waiters are staring at me fiercly. I came too close to the focus point, maybe He'll know I am here. I see a friend, she's standing over the buffet, grabbing some food of the tray and places it on her plate and moves away quickly, sitting down by a table of four other strangers. Her name is Anna. I quickly walk forward towards the table, a waiter is moving towards me with a hot plate of soup, I can see the soup steaming and staining his thumb red. I pick up my pace, I grab her by the shoulder and off I go, telling her I am to save her from this madness. This place is bad, and you know it. I ask her to follow me but she slows down, telling me she likes this and that she doesn't mind she'll loose her dreams. I grab a hold of her hand, and I begin to run, I tell her to trust me and my fierce grip is steady, she follows me without question. Running down the hallway, the walls carrying a dull red tapestry and a beige strange pattern, I see other waiters coming after us. There's a door there, that looks as if it isn't supposed to be there. I open the door and rush through the opening.

    There's nothing. We fall, suspend, rise all at once. It is a nowhere without end. We are finally going to wake up and I have saved myself and perhaps condemned her into living.

    I wake up.

    To this day, I believe this dream to be part of another realm of consciousness. Just as many other dreams I have, I live in them and have different personas, sexes and life-styles. Dreaming is a way for me to know things. To understand things. To live for myself and with myself. I am all just as you are all. I am scared to bits. I've sold parts of myself to an unknown entitety. It is the scariest of all. I don't know what may happen or what won't.
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    Open for interpretation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    There'd recently been an execution of a serial-killing cannibal, and the correctional facility sold off his body parts as food. I guess death row convicts were a delicacy in Texas. Anyway, my aunt's boyfriend used his connections to get first priority on the list of buyers, and he bought the cannibal's brain.

    I'd been feeling nauseated from the road trip, and the whole family thought it would be a good idea to feed me the brain. (Something about eating a brain being good for my brain.) David Bowie didn't say anything. The brain was breaded and fried, and it looked like a pork chop.
    I read this last week, and now my subconscious is "plagiarizing" your subconscious; I had a dream involving cannibalism and fried & breaded body parts. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by underwaterthing View Post
    I had a dream involving cannibalism and fried & breaded body parts. Thanks.
    No David Bowie? It's not worth it without David Bowie. Next time, plagiarize the good ideas, underwaterthing's subconscious.

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    Before I forget, I had a nightmare last night about zombies, in which they could smell large amounts of human flesh easier so people couldn't hug or something like that. Then zombie wind blew the door down and some guy put a mattress over a kid to hide him or something but then the lady was like "no that only helps concentrate the smell". Then the zombie wind was like all mist-ly creeping in and it looked really gray outside. Then the guy was like "I'm out of bullets" and then I woke up.

    Right at the good part too.

    (Lol there's that marginally more atrocious writing again).

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    I dreamt that I was dying, and it felt so real. I was sort of relieved. It's strange, sometimes I want to die even though I'm not depressed or anything. I just think it seems very relaxing not to exist at all, assuming that's what being dead is like.

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    I had a dream last night where I would keep opening the freezer and every time I opened it there were three new containers of ice cream in it
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    I had a pet pig, and I was going to take it for a walk on a harness with a leash, like a dog. Then, something about how I was going to cook chicken, but chicken was boring, so there were a thousand different ways to cook chicken. Pigs and chickens are usually offensive symbols in my dreams, but I didn't bother trying to 'translate' this one.

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    It was dark and raining outside, and I was running in a forest. I wanted to hide from the wold, and was afraid of getting emotionally hurt once again. I heard footsteps running after me, and a voice calling out my name, but I just kept running and never looked back.

    Then - how do I describe this? - I saw the situation from a different perspective. I saw the running girl hide behind a large tree, choking on her tears. And behind her, some distance away, was a worried young man who was looking for her. He looked just as heartbroken as she did. Just when I couldn't take it anymore and was about to bring them together, I woke up.
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    I had dream where I was either a disembodied observer, or I was physically there was couldn't interact with anything (I don't remember which). There was a three-story house that defied the laws of physics - there were no walls and nothing supporting each floor, and only a set of stairs connected them. Instead of being situated directly on top of each other, each floor was in a different horizontal position so that no matter where someone was, every other place in the house was visible. The house had old-fashioned decor and furniture and seemed like it was decorated specifically to look homey/cozy/comfortable, but there was this underlying vibe of stuffiness, strictness, and even cruelty. (Also, in this dream I'm somehow perceptive enough to read into people's character by how they decorate their houses. )
    Then I saw the family who lived there. The head of the household was a very cold, authoritarian father who controlled his children by making them follow a strict schedule every day - during every minute of the day, what they should be doing was dictated by him. The wife wasn't visible, but I got the feeling she was there (which contradicts what I said earlier about everywhere in the house being visible, but dreams are often contradictory and senseless). The group of siblings (probably around ten of them) lived on the first floor, which was inexplicably seemed closed-off from external light even though there were no walls. It had the feel of a comfortably decorated basement. I saw the kids all go upstairs and eat breakfast together at a long, dark wooden table.

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