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I don't know much of post traumatic stress disorder, but if that issue is really bringing you suffering, I think it would be wise to look for a professional to talk. And I don't know how things are where you live (nor what is SSI), but here in Brazil, the universities usually have psychologists who attend (I'm not sure of that word) for free or for lower prices. Do you know if there is something like that near you? If affording is difficult, that could be of help - I have some friends who did it.

If you do look for professionals, I really really recommend you a radical behaviorist approach (which is quite different from junguian of freudian), or at least a cognitive-behavioral approach - they're focused in helping someone to deal with problems in a more direct way, which might be something you would like.

Just some suggestions... I hope you do find a way to feel better soon, it seems to be an awful situation to be... :/
Yeah, I may try checking out the local universities.