As the days, months, and years go by....I find myself becoming more and more like my father. My father was never around it's kind of hard to say for certain...but from what I remember of him and from what I've been's kind of obvious.

We're both
-charming if necessary

More importantly, I find myself making the same mistakes he has. I love my family deeply, but I never tell them that...I expect them to know. I mean, I'd die for them...yet, I never really express how much I care about them. I don't see the need, really, because I'd think they'd already know and any reason I'd do so would have selfish motivations behind it...and I already know what the conclusion would be anyway.

But I don't talk to them much...or keep in contact. I find myself busy with my own life.

Also, he got married youngish...probably to one of the first girls that he could be with...and I find myslef at the brink of doing the the same age as well.

He is really a rather unselfish man...I've never seen him deny anyone anything and he is always willing to help out if he is able to and sometimes even when he's not...and I see the same quality in me. It can be detrimental. Professionally, he's a drifter...despite recieving a quality education that left open a solid path to upper middle class-ness. I'll probably reject that path as well...though I don't want to be a drifter.
Despite this, he has found ways to get his hands on some money.
In relationships he has struggled. Although he gets along with most everyone...he has a tendency to withdraw from people for long periods of time.

He can be rather stern...and quite intimidating...he doesn't come across as someone you would want to cross...just because you get the sense that you wouldn't want him angry at you...not that he could do anything...just his intensity level makes you wary.

Despite all this there are couple mistakes that he has made that I don't want to repeat. I know family is important to him and that he's out there simply trying to provide for all of us...but I want to be more active in my children's lives.

I don't want to get married as young as he did...though if I end up with a woman half as good as the one he chose (or one who chose him, who knows..) I'll consider myself extremely lucky.

Though I have the same tendency to not keep friendships for very long...I think I'll try and be more social.

(It's funny, I have a younger brother who reminds me alot of one my uncles. Very stubborn people...I'm thinking intjs. How common is it to take on personality traits held by older relatives?)