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    Default what do you think of eye training

    for depth perception and spatial problems, do you think it actually works?
    as well as dysfunctions in visual focusing, perception, tracking and motor skills.
    I have all three of those problems
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    It can help for a while (especially if younger); over time everything degrades to a point where surgery or glasses are required. One of the last attempts some eye doctors try is to put a person in underpowered lenses to extend the time before requiring bifocals (they claim it forces the eye muscles to work harder so they stay more elastic), also why a young person sighting a gun can focus on the front and back sight while older shooters tend to only use the front sight.
    Spatial problems (to me) relate more to astigmatism that only surgery or glasses can correct.
    Depth perception problems (also my view) would more relate to having a lazy eye, which eye training could help.
    The eye training from the 70s never worked for me, but you will never know unless you try (it’s free and able to be accomplished in the privacy of your home).

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