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Thread: Jealousy

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    Default Jealousy

    Unless you're a saint, you've probably felt it.

    How do you deal with it? Do you wish you dealt with it differently, perhaps more effectively? What type-related observations, if any (either MBTI or enneagram), do you have regarding jealousy? What makes you most jealous?

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    I don't have that many issues with jealousy... not a saint by any means, I have anger issues and addiction issues that would prevent me from sainthood by far, but I really don't want much, and what I do want I tend to get

    I'm actually trying to think of a time when I was jealous and all that I can think of is when I got arrested and the jailers let one lady bail herself out but wouldn't let me do so because I didn't have a checkbook... damn I wanted a checkbook right about then it quickly turned into anger within a few seconds and I spent the rest of the 5 hours I had to wait being pissed off at the guards
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    I've been jealous a few times though it is pretty rare. I just remember getting mad and suppose it dissipates.

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