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Thread: Changing Habits

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    Default Changing Habits

    Apparently, once habits (whether conscious or unconscious) are establish(whether good or bad,) it is really hard to break them, which is the reason most New Year's Resolutions fail. No I don't ever make such resolutions, but I have tried to change some habits on and off. A few of them changing habits were successful while a few others were pretty much a great attempt to fail.

    I've notice the more I don't see a reason to change something, the more it is due to fail trying to change it. The inverse is also true that the more I see a reason to change something, the more likely it will change. Of the ones I've tried changing in recent years, they've been bound to fail as what I am trying to change has practically been ingrained in me that "it is just natural."

    What are some ways you guys have changed some of your habits? Were they successful? Why or why not? How did you go about changing them?

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    Any habit can be broken, if there's enough at stake.

    If you locked a smoker in a room with a lighter and cigarettes and told him there was small gas leak so that if he lit up he would die, but if he didn't he'd be fine (there's just enough ventilation so it's not toxic). That would break the habit, for as long as he would be in the room, anyway. And assuming he's not suicidal.

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    No habit is permanent, but getting rid of them can take huge effort. I used to have atrocious buying habits - I would buy music or books and justify it as "well, I've had a hard day..." and it took me literally years to break the urge of buying something after a long day or after a minor accomplishment. My trick involved knowing the triggers and arguing against the urge when it came. The first few months went terribly, but eventually I grabbed a foothold and conquered it. I still get the urges now and then, but I can squash it almost instantaneously now. Shame also helps. If you involve someone else in stopping a habit, then you have too face them if you indulge in it. Significant others can help tremendously here, especially if they live with you. Otherwise, it just takes discipline.
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