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    If the stuff that I'm feeling is very irrational, then distraction in any form helps. Chatting with friends, working on hobbies, etc. TV if I'm kinda desperate and irritated to the point of not being able to do anything else.

    Then, I can deal with the stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Sometimes I find myself in a very irrationally irritated mood. It has nothing to do with anything specifically, its everything. Its people, life, rules, trends, egos, time, restrictions, changes, expectations, brains, preferences, society, animals, walls. You get the idea.

    Its feels restricting, and somewhat self caging. During these times, if you experience irritation, how do you bring yourself back to your happy place?

    And don't say meditation!
    I have been known to suffer these moods. If I think about what causes them, I can connect it to an eruption of the inferior and the triggers for that. The classic example is doing taxes - I am about as irrationally irritated as a person can be. It can be a trifling annoyance that might push me into this while at other times when big and important things are happening, I'm the calm in the storm. If a driver in front of me does something really stupid it can annoy me a great deal and it colors my attitude for 5 minutes afterwards. If I'm stuck in traffic, sometimes I start pounding on the steering wheel (like that's going to help).

    I have found some things that are related to this.
    1. Stress causes it to be more likely this to happen
    2. Eruption of inferior triggers for your type
    3. Being tired and have not had enough sleep
    4. I'm thinking or absorbed in something and interrupted
    5. You're upset about something and it carries over to something else
    6. You're replaying some behavior in a particular situation that your mother played when you were a child
    7. For me, this was at its worst when I was in my late 20s and early 30s - it might have been a particularly stressful period

    How to avoid it or reduce it?
    1. Get sleep (most important thing)
    2. Do things that get the "feel happy" hormones going through your bloodstream - there were a bunch of things mentioned - exercise, sex, etc. Fall in love with someone. I think that makes you feel better too.
    3. Vent to a person you can trust and ask their opinion (works for a 6 anyway)
    4. Listen to your feelings - seek to better understand your own behavior and actions - what triggered the emotions that are causing you to behave the way you do. Then think about the effect that your behaviors have related this has on your interactions with others. How would you perceive yourself if you were them?
    5. Catch yourself engaging in these behaviors and stop the behavior because it can make you feel bad and them bad

    "People won't remember what you said. They won't remember what you did. They will however never forget how you made them feel"

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    "Tips for Making Yourself Happy"


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    Also, I sometimes do some menial chores, then build up to working on something that requires actual thought or is otherwise important. Getting stuff done is a good feeling.

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    Usually sleep is my only cure. A long, hot shower and sleep.

    Sometimes I can work through it by talking about it with certain people.

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    exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise
    happy, smiling times with friends
    falling in love every now and then
    eating a cake or something
    keeping warm and fuzzy
    not blaming other people for anything

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    Smile Analysis and Laughter

    Deep, deep analysis and the understanding that come with it makes me happy, content and balanced. And then I go out into the world and make people laugh.

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    Cooking or baking a new recipe. Training a horse that I know will be a problem, of course then they get the vibe not to mess with me and there is no problem. Lol, accomplishing something de-stresses me.
    "It's never enough." The Cure

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    Having your hair washed by someone else. So nice.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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    Balance thought = +/-
    Healthy lifestyle

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