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    i think ahead by speculating about things and imagining what could happen, but as far as actually making plans? like a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    It's probably too far ahead if there's really nothing you can do about it and it's making you anxious.
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    Definitely. I second this.

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    I'm a head case in this regard.

    I like to keep my options open so i can indulge in being spontaneous but i still like to plan for all eventualities which may or may not happen.

    In my early 20's i lived day to day then it went to thinking about the long term future. Now i save for the things i want but realise i may not get what i want but either way, my life is good and i'm grateful i can say i've done a lot and took some chances.

    Oh, to answer the OP .. I'd say 2 years is too far.
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    Projecting, thinking or forecasting - infinite
    Actual planning - 1-2 years
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    IMO, you should simply think as short term as possible.

    Some things simply require you to think ahead more than others.

    I can't really give a real number for this because it wouldn't apply to everything.

    Like, say, 2 years may be good for thinking about when you want to own a new car, 2 years obviously wouldn't be the best for planning out your schedule for mowing the lawn...

    I don't know, I may be over-complicating or misinterpreting the question.

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    I tend to like to "daydream ahead" without a set vision... Planning and implementing- well, you know me, day by day. If a daydream sticks for long enough the day by day planning will turn into a reality. "Too far" doesn't really exist, I don't think.. However, if you can't stray from the plan then you've got a problem. Also, there can be such a thing as "too much." I tend to think that heavy duty daydreaming and planning is an indication that something in my life needs to change anyway, if it has to be bad enough that I'm living in my own future world all the time, then maybe it is best that I start acting on my thoughts.
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    i tend to think in infinites :/

    realistically, i think 15 years is about my limit. though i do already have a an idea or two stockpiled for my retirement. on a day to day basis... no, never mind, i am usually thinking very very far ahead. because i tend to think about global implications. everything connects.

    with my family i am usually thinking about the future a few days down the road, or maybe half a year or so. maybe a couple years. vacations and weddings and things like that. i like to think about events. but family is static so i don't think much about long time with them. family just is. with my SO i have very clear time thinking. there is now, and then there is the event-timespace like with the family, and then there is the looong down-the-road implications of our relationship. all of which i generally think about stacked on top of one another. years as spirals. and then my career, well, i think i am usually thinking about 10 years in the future about that. when i have gotten through school and am beyond entry and am settled, will i like it? very hard to know. this probably gives me problems deciding.

    and then in terms of me, i usually think in lifetime, because i am concerned with what my overall significance in the world will be. i need to have a reason to exist that is bigger than myself.

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    I tend to avarage:
    10-15 years out for retirement planning and very large purchase decisions

    3-5 years on global direction, 3 months on day to day details and logistics

    1 month on plannning trips

    2 months on detailed project timelines at work.

    Typically things very far out are simplisctic flowcharts that are easily modified but set a long term course. Things that are closer in are very detailed yet flexible flowcharts with lists.

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    I deal with my money by thinking "In ten years from now, how would I have liked my 25yo self to spend this?"
    This means I spend money on activities that keep me healthy and social (like group sports, etc.) and save it if it's a random thing that isn't necessary.

    I deal with my personal life and career plans by having 5 year plans to make my goals more visible and real. These are highly adjustable and adaptable. And they're related to benchmarks that I can control (finish degree, etc.) rather than things I can't control (figuring out where I want to live in 5 years).

    I'm still a student so I have semester goals, and yearly benchmarks.

    As a teacher I have my daily plans figured out at the beginning of the semester so I can focus on my grad studies and mostly execute and respond in teaching, rather than figure out plans throughout the semester.

    I figure out the skeleton of my grad school plans as soon as I get my syllabi (major projects are due x date, etc.) and plan my time weekly. This includes time for exercising and making social plans so I don't get pulled into the deep end of school without a release.
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    Limited Horizons

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Curious of individual interpretations.
    We can think ahead as far as we can think back.

    For instance if we can look back 3,000 years to our origins in Ancient Greece, we can look forward 3,000 years.

    This is the advantage of belonging to a civilization 3,000 years old.

    However all the replies I have read are narcissistic and so have limited horizons. And limited horizons are claustrophobic and produce anxiety.

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