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    I think regret is more on just that. Regretting your actions but not exactly feeling sorry for them. If given the chance you'd probably do it all over again. Or regret can also mean that you should have said "i love you" to that special person instead of letting him/her walk out on you.

    Remorse on the other hand is feeling sorry for what you did, feeling guilty. Sincerely feeling guilty and also sincerely feeling sorry. Like losing someone while in the midst of a fight.

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    This isn't for us to decide. Maybe the conversation will be more useful if we had the definitions to start with. Then we could ask more questions about the consequences. From Webster:


    1. deep and painful regret for wrongdoing; compunction.
    2. Obsolete: pity; compassion.

    Interesting, I have never head of the second definition at all.

    regret feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.): He no sooner spoke than he regretted it. think of with a sense of loss: to regret one's vanished youth.

    Apparently, remorse has a necessary emotional component that is not absolutely necessary in regret, though regret is coupled at least with the sense of something lost, which I would argure need not be emotional.

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