Trying to find agreement or disagreement on the internet seems like madness to me.

It's like trying to find agreement or disagreement between two pieces of music.

So why is such a futile endeavour conducted here?

It's called argumentation and it is the way literacy is conducted - there is a thesis and an antithesis and points of agreement or disagreement are looked for, resulting in a synthesis.

But argumentation only makes sense to the literate mind. To the etribal mind it seems like madness. It seems as though we are driving forward looking in the rear vision mirror, when etribalism is rushing towards us through the windshield.

I understand we want to engage in argumentation because it is familar and makes us feel comfortable and at home. But we are not at home, we are in the global village and argumentation is pointless, useless and passe.

The more interesting question is - how shall we converse in the electric age now that the age of literacy has passed?