Whether it be a dream or a daydream, I find that more often than not, the starting point of any dream is my current point in reality, and even though I have the freedom in my mind to experiment with very unreal and highly improbable possibilities, I start from the perspective of "what is" and proceed to explore different possibilities (and impossibilities such as how I could approach the situation if I had various super powers).

My theory regarding myself is that when I have anything on my mind that could be considered a "problem I would like to resolve or a unanswered question that won't go away", this is how my mind tries to help me find a solution or answer, and because it seems that I nearly always have some issue on my mind that affects the content of my dreams and daydreams often enough that most of my dreams and daydreams are like that.

I'm curious if others experience a similar inhibiting factor on their dreams and daydreams when they are under stress or if you are able to use your dream time to escape to a world free from the constraints of the real world?