Here I quote Dainin Katagiri: "As long as you see things from a human perspective it is hard to realize what is going on. That is why you must see things from a universal perspective."

With regard to that idea, I would often think to myself. What is the greatest sight of depth one can achieve? I have realized many things, things I couldn't even begin to describe. It is great to have these deep conceptions, but it is often that others couldn't have such explained. I have recognized life in a very abstract perspective, in which I have lost concern for what I consider to be unimportant. It is like developing such a hunger that you can no longer eat just one sandwich, but two and so on.

Still in high school, my peers will bring up so many unnecessary, dry/vague, uninteresting conversations in which I just want to back-hand them across the face. Perhaps, it is to the point where my best friend can tell me he is going to be a father, and I would respond with a calm "Oh, that's great," (I don't really care so much). Well of course I would, just not so much. I usually only enjoy deep, philosophical conversations or sarcastic arguments. Life in America just seems so dull for me. I mean, people want to talk only about these, small-talk things. Ironically, I may seem like the most boring person you could meet, yet I may see life much more excitingly than you (you being a variable). I may murder someone on accident, sit in anxiety, and laugh about it if I want to. Maybe even go play video games if so. I consider my self very unbias. I don't get offended easily, and I would want nothing in honor to me for anything, be it my death or whatever.

So, all these being factors of my "universal" perspective, I see things much differently than the common foe. There is so much more I would like to describe, but that is all I can currently handle. Reality is what seems to confuse me, my understanding remaining within this crazy world of the inner mind. What aspects of life may you see? Or not.