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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I would say that anything that can be held to critical thought should be. Whether someone likes Twinkies vs Cupcakes is probably not one of these. Feel free to viscerally react.
    I suppose you could start with measuring of the mouth. "Twinkies work better for you due to your small mouth circumference"

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    pssshhhh, who needs logic anyways?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousFeeling View Post
    <snip> But feeling judgments actually do involve critical thought. Ethical decisions, for instance, involve a great deal of logical deductions about how your actions influence others around you, and this is how they will feel if one action was done, vs. another. Likewise, making decisions based on promoting the overall greater good of human beings, involves not a visceral reaction, but it involves a step-by-step analysis of how the social system operates, and how each component of the social system can help benefit each other and create a positive feedback loop, as opposed to a negative reinforcing loop. It requires critical thought of "A causes B, thus B influences C" type of mindframe.

    I guess I'd consider myself to be a logical feeler. I am the most comfortable with having both my T and F sides strong because they support each other.
    My idea and habits of making ethical decisions and building a value system are quite similar to what yours sounds like. So what really is the difference between thinkers' and feelers' ethical decision-making?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrawMan View Post
    My idea and habits of making ethical decisions and building a value system are quite similar to what yours sounds like. So what really is the difference between thinkers' and feelers' ethical decision-making?
    For thinkers, I think it depends on what their feeling cognitive process is. If someone is more Fe oriented (ENTP, ESTP, for instance), their decisions would be made based on group dynamics, organizing a group to adhere to their vision, and whether or not that vision would benefit the group. It's a way of making sure their ideas are marketable to others. Fe inferior For thinking people that are Fi oriented (i.e. INTJ, ISTJ), their code of ethics will be based on what they feel deep down is the right thing for others and themselves to do, even if they are the last person standing up to it. This is just my personal explanation for it, not sure if this applies to you, so feel free to add onto this, or subtract points.

    As for feelers, their main mode of judgment comes from value based judgments. In the end, I tend to focus on the implications that my decisions have on others as well as myself, what I feel is the right thing to do to benefit both myself and the person involved in the action I will choose. The logic behind it is "how will this person feel if I did A to them?" "How will I feel as a result?" "Is this the correct mode of action?" "I want this decision to benefit the greater good of all people involved." It seems more concerned about the welfare of others involved, if this makes sense. It's the primary mindframe.

    If other feelers on here have other points to add to this, have at it.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Quote Originally Posted by senza_tema View Post
    Um ... yes?

    I think committing to pure irrationality is stupid and lazy and shows a fundamental lack of introspection.

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    I can't disconnect logic from the feeling sense. For me, they must go together. I consider it to be a gift, to be able to see multiple perspectives, to use the global sense of feeling, then test the sense with more detailed logic as needed. When logic and feeling are in accord, I have a clear sense of the truth. I'm happy to be a feeler because I learned to use it.

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    I like to refer to my animal instinct/intuition as a "gut feeling". It's been dead on when sizing up others and their intentions. Sometimes, I've been the only one in a group of people with my hackles standing on end because something/someone really isn't copasetic.

    As to applying this to broader topics, like politics, religion, laws, etc, I take my immediate reaction to it, then take it apart, and look at it piece by piece, almost like a core sample. What happened here? What was said? What was done? What does/does not add up? I weigh what may be a bias on my part. I bounce the feelings and ultimate conclusion off a trusted person to gain a new angle. My ENFP sister is a good person for this. My Ti isn't very strong, but it IS useful when I'm on sure ground with my Ni and Fe, and it can help declutter the inevitable static.
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    The real difference is that thinkers concentrate on the topic and feelers on the teacher and more of a difference there isnt in my eyes.

    The concept of rationality never hold the idea to cutoff all emotions from human life that would be the concept of existentialism or the latter concept would be the result of a human who doesnt indulge in his human side.

    The idea to strictly divide between logic and emotion does not work in my eyes and its not the path that will lead to wisdom and experience about life. The one or the other thinking will only make you a freak who plays a role in society to uphold some kind of strange selfimage, he once found and accepted for the sole truth.

    Mbti is about preference, while I tell my girlfriend with passion in detail about a new electronics project I have finished, she cuddles the cat, writes a sms or randomly shows me a bird landing somewhere near. She just has different intrests

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    I'd say it's *very* important! My emotions can guide me and motivate me but I've always found that when I'm dealing with a situation I always need a few to withdrawal and collect myself and put my emotions in order. Simply "shooting from the hip" as it were hasn't ever served me well unless the wrong being committed is blatantly obvious (which I realize is kind of subjective to my moral value system)
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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    Critical analysis is the best way of thinking and communicating, given the premises. Values just give you the premises.

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