There are two worlds with strict rules about how to enter and leave.

For instance, one rule here it to remain on topic, to remain on track, it is almost as though we must dream the same dream together. And if I go off track, it is as though I were rude enough to wake you from a warm and refreshing sleep. And you are naturally cranky that I woke you up. And who can blame you?

And this is the social world, the outer world, the world of doing rather than being, the world that resolutely turns its eyes from the inner world.

I often wonder why, for my inner world has a life of its own. It has its own integrity and its own aesthetic.

And the outer world seems to me to lack integrity, such as the outer world of MBTI; and turning living persons into types is simply ugly.

But MBTI provides us with a set of rules to follow, a set of tracks on which to run. And the MBTI police are always ready to issue an infringement notice for anyone off topic. Why, just a few minutes ago a member pointed a shotgun at me, and pointedly told me to stay on topic. And discretion being the better part of valour, I acquiesced.

But creativity has its own form and shape, it is the dearest deep down thing. I found it wasn't welcome on Leylands' assembly line. I found it wasn't accepted in the Commonwealth Bank. And it was unacceptable in the Australian Public Service. And of course school and University, even the Art School, were rule based, run by the dissociated.

And so Central is familiar, and why shoudn't it be, for it is to prepare us for work, the military and even marriage.