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    Default MBTI Vs Enneagram, which is truer?

    Which is closer to YOUR core?

    The poll wants to know 'which is closer to THE core?', meaning overall.

    The OP wants to know 'which is closer to YOUR core?', meaning to you.

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    Which is closer to the core?

    One's MBTI type could change? (such as from ENTJ to INTJ, vise versa?).
    Enneagram type would never change?

    Enneagrams deal with one's needs, fears and MBTI type deals with one's behaviour (perceptions and reactions). One's needs always trumps one's perceptions and reactions, does it not?

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    For me -

    Which is closer to YOUR core? - My MBTI type. (It should be noted that I do not know my enneagram type.)

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    the enneagram is about a false core. but, apart from possibly the soul, it's the most false core you have, meaning the deepest pain in your ass. or, in THE ass. it's real but elusive. for the most part of your live, it hides in your subject. the subject is by definition that which sees objects, not that which is seen. cognitive type isn't so much about any kind of core, but it's a lot about destiny, about the coordinates of your life, because it is a major factor in the creation of the subjective reality you live in and it is to a lesser degree a big factor of your orientation inside of this subjective reality. and experientially, shit doesn't get more real than your subjective reality. that said, MBTI theory sucks, the popular enneagram description suck at least as much, or possibly worse.
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    I don't know, I still don't like the enneagram. I feel it to be reductive. I feel MBTI can explain my personality quite well though.

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    I don't really understand a lot about enneagram, so I feel a bit reluctant to answer, but I tend to say MBTI, just because enneagram doesn't work out for me as in I don't figure out my enneagram type myself and tests were very unreliable for me and don't help me. Some people here tried to help me figuring out and suggested maybe type 9, but I don't know then again how accurate I can transport myself here on this forum platform. I could see myself in more than one enneagram type to some degree, but there is none where I can say "this fits me totally".

    With MBTI I had a lot less trouble. I got into it after some time, and once I figured out my type INFP, I rarely doubted it anymore and I can identify with it. Tests in most cases give out the same results other than enneagram where every test gives me a new number which might change depending on a single switched answer.

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    I want to say the enneagram is closer, but I just changed types and I'm not really used to my new type yet. I feel a bit lost right now...

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    I prefer mbti but the enneagram is okay. Neither really get to the core but they give enough of an outline.

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    I'm finding the Enneagram kind of... pathologizing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    I'm finding the Enneagram kind of... pathologizing.
    Like how medical students get the illness they are studying?

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