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    I don't think it's genetic at all although I can see many people using it as an excuse if such a thing is proven true. *muses*

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    I don't think it's genetic because my parents really plan their life and always do things on time, they are both well organized. On the other hand, i'm the biggest procrastinator in family. I work only when i really really must. It makes me lot of problems with studying for example, but i just can't change it... and don't want actually, would be boring without it

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    Yes, these aren't conclusive, but I think they're the beginning of the truth. Do you agree that laziness and procrastination is genetic?
    Yes! It seems to run in certain families, so I would think that it is very much genetic. But as in many other thing, even if something is on a biological base, a person still can alter the behavior at some level.

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    ewe interesting topic,

    I'd say some of it was bio-chemistry. I am from a large family (10 siblings, 25 nieces/nephews), some of which fall into the syndrome X/Polycycstic type metabolism and some don't.

    A sub group of my siblings have lots of energy and get up and go for busts of time, and then lackadaisical for another span of time. The group seem to have some relationship to the metabolic issues. Some of them choose to be teachers so they get regular breaks etc, so work with their own metabolism, others are more arty so its a bit patchy....

    Still interesting subject and I'd say the metabolic thing is genetic. Some of the second generations aspirations are definitely nurture and to an extent this impacts drive/ambition.

    My observations cut straight across type from what I can see.


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