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    Smile The German Genius

    No one could deny the German genius. It shows itself across many fields and in many times. But how can we explain the German genius.

    Allan Snyder from the Centre for the Mind ( says that genius is accessed in deep trance. But what is trance?

    Trance occurs when parts of the cognitive mind go to sleep and parts of the creative mind wake up.

    And what is interesting is that in a trance we lose our sense of humour. This is because our sense of humour is a cognitive faculty and so goes to sleep while we are in a trance.

    And what is even more interesting is that Germans are famous for their lack of a sense of humour. And this is simply because Germans are trance meisters. And of course in a trance they loose their sense of humour.

    Of course once they wake from their trance, their sense of humour returns.

    Pina Bausch is a perfect example of this. Pina Bausch was a German genius of dance. And her dances are pure genius, but without a sense of humour, as we would expect.

    The price Germans pay for being trance meisters is that they are susceptible to suggestion, and particularly suggestion from an authority figure.

    So we might see Germans as vulnerable geniuses.

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    germans may lack humor, but they certainly are fun to laugh at
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    Why is order, discipline and working together to achieve something bad? The Japanese do it, the Germans do it... Finns, swedes and flemish people lean in that direction as well.
    I really wonder why you just bought the concept of trance = genius, though. And especially that thing about the sense of humor. Why did the humor get singled out?
    Many savant geniuses, i.e. aspies/autistic ones etc... They generally lack more than a sense of humor, and sometimes not that.
    The socially functioning geniuses, though... They can usually be pretty funny due to supreme intelligence.

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    While I'm not particularly convinced by Victor's rationale behind it, I have often wondered about the "German Genius" myself. There seems to be a certain pride in it that spans my family's line (at least on my dad's side, where we have a history of mathematicians, technicians and the like).
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    The Holy Trance

    And it is not only the German genius whose sense of humour goes to sleep while they are entranced, it is also the authors of the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, the Bagavad Gita, the Book of Mormon, Dianetics and the Analects of Confucius.

    None of these books show any sign of a sense of humour, so I can only conclude they were written in a trance.

    And the reason they were written in a trance is that the best way to put a reader in trance is to write in a trance.

    And why would we want to put a reader into a trance?

    We put a reader into a trance so their cognitive faculties will go to sleep and they will take in any suggestions without criticism.

    So once we start to criticise the holy books, we wake our cognitive faculties and so wake ourselves from the holy trance.

    However today, waking ourselves from the holy trance of Islam may lead to our death.

    Lorca, the great Spanish poet, wrote of waking from the hypnogogic trance of sleep, as waking to the biting of ants. So it is no wonder that most of us prefer to remain entranced rather than waking to the light of day. And no wonder they want us to be entranced by Islam rather than doing the hard work of Koranic criticism.

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