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Thread: Dream Thread

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    I dreamed that I came to work in my pajamas, and also that one of my coworkers was in a terrible accident.
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    I had a weird dream I can't seem to make sense of last night. Though my memory of it is a bit fuzzy now:

    I'm looking at a photo of me and this girl... seems like she had short black hair and bangs and might have been wearing red. As I'm looking at the photo, I'm thinking to myself that I am amazed I have no recollection of the events revolving around the photo, nor the girl in the photo with me. Then it dawns on me that the photo was just taken only moments earlier. I still can't figure out who the girl is, though. I start to wonder if she was a forum member from typologycentral. Ha!

    Then later in my dream, the floor is covered in a bunch of my black winter gloves. In real life I do have a few pairs of these same gloves, but in my dream there are several pairs of these gloves. I collect them to pair them and put them away.

    My sister is in my dream, and she has a few backback purses that I'm sifting through. One's just a small backpack purse and another is one of those one strapped Kavu bags. I'd been wanting one, and ask my sister if I can borrow it. She tells me to take it as she has plenty.

    Then, my parents are separated... and though my mom is home, my dad has his new girlfriend over. They are having a date. I flip out on my dad for bringing her over while mom's home and we're all home and found the whole thing tasteless, not to mention I'm just upset about the separation. I eventually make his girlfriend leave. As she's leaving, I look at my dad who looks a bit sad. I start to think to myself about how this new woman, who is a professor, might be really good for him. In real life, I suppose I find my dad to be unappealing to most women, including my own mom. (However, in real life they are not separating, nor am I actually worried that they will.) So, I turn to my dad and apologize and hopes that he understands why I flipped out on him. I tell him to go after her, but ask if he minded not bringing her around to the house for a while, but see her outside the house instead. He leaves with this woman, and as my dad is leaving I also notice how he's lost a lot of weight and that this new woman and the separation indeed has been a positive change for him.
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    I was in my backyard relaxing, and the scene sort of shifted into me being out in a field a little beyond the backyard. It was around dusk.. almost nighttime, but I started seeing kids joyfully skipping around in the distance and moving towards my direction. They were being followed by oversized Halloween-like characters. It looked like they were on stilts. Except they weren't scary. They were just as happy as the kids. Then a bleacher showed up to my left, and people started showing up. And a parade/musical was happening before my eyes.. like it was on rails. Different acts were cycling past the bleachers, and even the crowd was getting involved in the musical performances. I noticed a girl sitting in front of me took her jacket off. I saw that I had a jacket on too, and I started steaming up. It was one of those puffer jackets.. I wanted to take mine off too, but I was having trouble moving in the bleachers and elbowing the woman next to me. I got up instead and thought I had to go back home anyways.

    I think the woman I was shoving around followed me towards the back gate, and we were looking at my dog (except it wasn't my dog), and I was kind of giving her a half-assed tour. I think she wanted to know more about some neighbor's house. I turned around and there was a horse that looked like my dog (the dog that wasn't really my dog).. same pattern and all of that. Some little guy got off of it and he had a bucket of "minature foxes". I thought it was cute at first, but they more like crabs. They were snapping everywhere and grabbing on to my hands and hard to shake off. It started to become overwhelming, like it wasn't foxes or crabs.. they had the temperament of piranhas. One was more like a mean big brother.. he found some dead lizard or something and chunked at my face. I started running towards my backyard again in a panic. Everything was becoming a nightmare. And then I woke up.

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    I had a wonderful dream that everything that I'm working for/towards now were just in front of me. I also had my terrible old job, but the job didn't feel terrible at all. I just talked to people, gave people tour guides, and it wasn't a chlorinated death trap anymore. It was just, peaceful.

    Unfortunately, it took me like half a day to realize it was just a dream. I seriously thought the snow melted, the weather was beautiful, my job didn't 100% suck, I was beloved by many people, and I found the sort of love that I've been looking for. I also found in my dream a random assortment of toys I remember losing when I was very little, like my little Simba figure, or my plastic fish, etc.

    I wonder if it means something....I thought it meant that things were going to get better in my life....but after how much today sucked major balls, I doubt it.

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    My latest dreams I remember from one night:

    I was following/involved in 2d-platform game, jumping, escaping someone. After a while of watching I felt I had control of someone, and I was that person. I did some ninja jumps.
    I walked into a big industrial hall that had some first person shooter -kind of mood to it, although I went there just to construct some stuff. There was a robotic-cybernetic entity blocked the way further, and I tried to squeeze through. I thought it was harmless. It mistaked me for it's robotic operator and started to squish my body. I felt real pain during this dream.
    I was trying to install some compost/waste disposal system in a backyard with some of my friends. Okay, they did most of the work, I was just wondering. We dug up a hole, put the waste disposal unit in there, but it was at the wrong place. So, we moved the hole in the ground and placed it were we wanted. Some of the people got mad of that and they started chasing me.
    I escaped to some place that was a mix-up of a hotel, casino and a living space. I had to pee, so I went to a public toilet. The toilet was a combination of a small command-center, bath and some peeing facilities. In fact, there were 3 middle-aged guys sitting at the security monitors and an alarm system right next to urinal. Also, some guy was there, naked, peeing blood on himself. He deliberately peed on the bottom of his feet, too. I was disgusted. He ran out of pee, so he jumped before me to get some from me. I was even more disgusted and steered my stream of pee away, to which he replied: that isn't a smart thing to do.
    I walked out, and found out there was a huge crowd. Some event had ended.
    I was trying to push against the crowd, when there seemed to be a nice bargain for jewels on one shop.

    After that, I woke up.
    I wanted to go away, and there was some busy crowd outside the toilet. I was trying to find someone I knew.

    I also was a performer in some small event. I think it was about religion or books. I read out something that was handed out to me in public. I don't remember when this happened in my dream.

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    I don't know how I missed this thread but....I've had a reoccurring dream for about a year. I have a baby girl, maybe 6-8 months old and I keep misplacing her. I find her, after frantic searching every time but she is in strange places. Like an open suitcase or a laundry basket, places in plain view or where I looked before. She has a name - Sophie. And she's always very happy to see me. I have looked into this some but it seems to be a dream pregnant women have. That makes sense but I'm not pregnant and I never misplaced either of my children. I hate this dream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    I don't know how I missed this thread but....I've had a reoccurring dream for about a year. I have a baby girl, maybe 6-8 months old and I keep misplacing her. I find her, after frantic searching every time but she is in strange places. Like an open suitcase or a laundry basket, places in plain view or where I looked before. She has a name - Sophie. And she's always very happy to see me. I have looked into this some but it seems to be a dream pregnant women have. That makes sense but I'm not pregnant and I never misplaced either of my children. I hate this dream.
    Hate to say it, but is there any chance you are having a hard time recognizing a familiarity or idealism in the children you have. A perfection that may have been expected, but is only seen in one element or another?

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    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

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    My dream last night was mostly chaotic, and I don't remember much of it; but from the pieces that I remember, I think it had something to do with dropping out of college and struggling to make ends meet.
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    Jumping into big huge lakes up north, and enjoying the nature around them. Detached and observing my company from a distance. I was with a close friend, my dad, and one of his friends (not a real person, just a made up dream friend). My friend's body was a made up dream person, but the person inside it was a real person from my life.
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