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Thread: Dream Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    I've been thinking about that for quite a while. I'm disappointed at how many bad luck I had that hindered me from being what I want to be, doing the things I want to do, achieving the things I want to achieve and living the way I want to live. But it's on my mind for a very long time already, so it would be strange if this would appear in my dreams just now.
    maybe the theme's always been there, but you're just now realizing it.
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    i had quite weird dream last night and it felt pretty vivid.

    there was few parts in it, i dont remember the first one, but i remembered some of it when i woke up and i remember that it didnt have anything to do with later two parts. I dont remember where the second part started but i remember that i had to go to train and travel all across finland to get to home, my cousin was with me. i wanted to go home fast because i had to go to sleep and i had to sleep for a week to relieve some girl issues. anyway few insignificant things happened on the train then the second part ended.

    my friends mom who was for some reason about 60 years old grumpy chinese lady(even tho my friend whos mom she was isnt chinese) was going to look after my cat and live in my apartment while i planned on sleeping for a week. I woke up in this dream after few days of sleeping, it was night and i looked out of my bedroom window, it was beautiful clear sky and stars were really bright. then i saw a shooting star it looked so clear and amazing then i remembered that i should make a wish when i see one, i made a wish that i could someday be with this girl i like really much. then i saw another one, and another, i made the same wish every time i saw one, then the whole sky was full of them and i just repeated this wish and started crying a little. i had plans to sleep for few more days and i knew if i get up from i wouldnt get sleep easily again, but the sky was so amazing that i wanted to go take a picture of it, i rubbed my eyes and tried to wake myself up more(i had that feeling where you have slept way too long and you're tired because of that) and just when i was ready to get up night turned to day in a split second and all the shooting stars went away. well i couldnt sleep anymore so i went to see whats that chinese lady doing at my house. she had her dog with her and it looked really grumpy and made that murr murr sound(dunno what its called in english) and showed teeth(random dogs(usually big ones) tend to attack me for some reason), i asked if he bites, she replied dog no bite, no bite(or something like that). i tried to make friends with the dog and it suddenly started licking me really much, my both hands were totally wet from fingers to elbow. after that some normal things happened like i went to get some water or stuff like that. then i woke up about 3 hours earlier than usual..

    oh yea i remember at some point discussing with that chinese lady about the friend whos mom she was supposed to be and she told that she knows that guys mom. i started wondering who is this random chinese lady in my house if she isnt my friends mom who she was supposed to be. she had her own computer with her and she rearranged couch and sofa again in my living room.
    funny little detail that i remember that she had lifted my cats food on the table so that the dog cant eat her food. my dreams have quite often this really rational and realistic sense to them, even tho some big things in them might be really twisted. then there are some things like that the dog didnt have water cup, it had half water in its dry food cup and half water in its normal food cup and they also had the food in them, and i remember wondering that why the hell she fed her dog like this.

    someone know what this was about?
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    since I was six years old a dream has been haunting me. I'm a cat. My name is Pelle. I'm hungry. I go inside the back door of a restaurant. I find some meat and start eating. Suddenly the head chef is chasing me with a big knife. The dream switched to a video game. I'm now watching from the player's point of view. Me, the cat, is jumping over dishes, ducking under the cupboard door etc. The chef finally gets me and cut me tail of. I'm now 'Pelle haleløs' which means Pelle without a tail. In Denmark there's many children stories/books about this cat Pelle.

    I remember I was so scared when I first had this dream, however, even though i've grown the dream still freaks me out 14 years later!
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    Tonight I had a nightmare (again) that started with me standing in a very crowded place, reading a news paper. I read that in a countru far, far away a Dutch tourist who was just a child, was arrested and would soon be executed for having Down syndrome. Once I noticed the place was getting more and more crowded I stood up and walked away, but after a few seconds there were already too many people to even walk. Suddenly I saw a woman, who started killing everyone who got in her way. I attacked her, started fighting with her, accidentally killed her and got arrsted. I was sent to prison for 18 years for murder, violence, stalking and emotional abuse. I realized I wouldn't live on for another 18 years and so I'd never be really free again, so I just killed myself. Then I saw the boy with Down syndrome in his cell. He had no clue that he was about to be executed. Two guards came for him and brought him to a huge room full of journalists and put him in his coffin. Just after the coffin was closed, the boy understood what was going on and started screaming. No one did anything. The journalists just filmed how the boy got burried alive. The rest of the world just watched the execution on live TV and some even talked about how he deserved it.
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    I don't really remember the first of last night's dream sequence. It wasn't pleasant, which is rare for me.
    I just find it interesting when something is heavily on my mind or discussed/seen right before sleeping, it becomes a theme of the dream i have. I should be more careful of that in the future.
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    I had a dream last night in which it was the first day of next Fall semester (But, now that I think about it, I was following my Friday schedule of classes) and I had a bit of a break in my classes so for some reason I decided to go back to my parents' house about a half hour away from campus. So I was hanging out there and then I realized that I had completely missed a couple of my classes and was about to be late for a lab and I freaked the fuck out. I tried to find some mode of transportation back in a room full of those sort of chairs you find in auditoriums that are all linked together (I think that they were being used to fill in as spots on buses or something) but everything was full. And then I ran across my ex-girlfriend from two years ago or so (Who I still secretly pine for, deep down) and we talked and kissed.

    Then I woke up, realized it was a dream, and went DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT.

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    A few nights ago, I had this dream, which I recorded in my journal:
    I was in an attic, looking through a closet full of old clothes. When I put on an old hat that was decorated with flowers, I looked in the mirror and was amazed to see that the flowers were growing and changing. I then saw notes on the mirror that hadn't been there before I put the hat on. I also heard a recording of my sister's voice that had come from the past. I put the hat down. My mother came and tried to find some clothes for me in another part of the attic. When I returned to that closet, I put on a hat. It was a plain tweed hat. I wondered what happened to the living flower hat. My sister came and spoke but I don't remember what she said. I saw an old mask on a dusty dresser, and I handed it to someone who was smiling. I don't know who that person was. Nearly everything in the attic was brown and gray. The only light came in through tiny attic windows.
    I woke up to bird songs and bright sunlight.
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    Frickin' weird dream last night... I dreamed that I was sexually abused in some weird relationship way that seemed to involve the guy brainwashing me to think I wanted to sleep with him, when I really didn't. The dream began after the abuse, but apparently it had gone on for like 6 months and I had just been un-brainwashed. But in the dream I had to live in the apartment right below the guy because there was no other apartment available. I had to be very careful leaving the apartment because I didn't want this guy to see me. Also, two of my best friends from high school lived in the apts on either side of me, and the apts all adjoined like those adjoining hotel rooms. I liked this because it made me feel safer to have our apartments adjoined so it was kind of like living with my friends, but the one side where my friend Melissa lived was adjoined by way of a landing, which opened up to the public stairs, so I had to lock that door.

    The dream ended with me actually falling for the abuser.

    Freaking screwed up. I have no idea where that came from. I'll say one thing though, when I woke up in the middle of the night, safely next to my husband, and realized it was a dream, I felt very happy.
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    I had a dream that I was working at a hospital, and a coworker injected me and my boyfriend with some kind of drug. We were both coughing up blood and our noses were bleeding. I went to go talk to our co worker about it, but the only way to get to him was by climbing up a steep hill. It was a struggle to get up the hill but I finally made it. Then the dream switched up, I was at my new condo and it was flooded. I went outside to talk to my neighbors to see if this always happened. I remembered feeling regret.

    The symbols I need to research in this dream are blood, climbing up hill, and shallow water. Ive got some issues to take care of for sure.
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    Do you have dreams that make you wake up with very intense emotions?
    A few times I've woken up this angry that it took me a few hours before I was able to sleep again. Last night I've woken up weeping.
    And I remember the dream and realise it's a total nonsense dream and even if it happened in reality it would have me in wonder or laughing at the absurdity. But never mind, within the dream it made total sense that I would be angry or sad and when I'm awake, the emotion is still real.
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