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Thread: Dream Thread

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    So when does the dream analyst turn up? I'm still waiting to find out what building a wall means.
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    Not to get too explicit, but I had a dream this morning that I hooked up with this guy Russ, (I used to have a little crush on him in high school and randomly came across a picture of his on this surfing/clothes site).

    Anyhow, it wasn't like we even went that far in this dream, (sucks right!?!? :steam, but it felt nice to reconnect with him and to just make-out with a guy, (hot-damn it has been far too long :blushing.

    Of course.... I woke up snuggling with my miniature dachshund instead, that's alright, I guess.

    Also, I know this dream is/was not deep or weird in the slightest, it just reawakened a dormant need in me, which is to physically connect with a man.

    (which sucks)

    (or doesn't)
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    I woke my parents up on friday night because I was screaming in my sleep
    Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling into at night. I miss you like hell. ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

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    I had another dream where I was on some kind of vehicle (boat, motorcycle, roller coaster, truck... sometimes just flying without any transportation) and this time it was a weird roller coaster that was situated in the forest and went around a body of water.

    I could definitely read deeper into these kinds of dreams (like they are telling me I need more adventure), but really, they are just fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    So when does the dream analyst turn up? I'm still waiting to find out what building a wall means.
    Building something means that you wanna achieve Something. And a Wall is mostly a Sign of an Obstacle. Are you somehow building an Obstacle for yourself? (known or unknown)
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    I once dreamed that I shot a man in the head. He was standing in a room with three other people lecturing them on something. I was armed and approached the scene. He saw that I had a gun and yelled in my face "THAT WEAPON CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU!!" and without even thinking I pulled it out and shot him in the temple. He wasn't anyone I knew... sort of an anonymous man with a crew cut. One of those "time passed" transitions happened and I then found myself in a glass-lined room somewhere in a skyscraper. I was regretting my new fugitive status and wondering what I was going to do. I literally woke up worried about it, but it came to me slowly that I had NOT in fact shot anyone and this feeling of immense relief, like a carpet of nougat, flowed over me.

    That was a disturbing one. Whew. My brain really needed to poo, apparently...
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    well not exactly reoccuring in the sameway, but many of my dreams in the past has spider chasing me/on me.

    I have arachnophobia mildly. so when i see them in dreams, I feel digust and fear. Few times spiders in my dream were on webs, and i successfully killed it. Of course chasing ones, don't. They are tiny.

    Is not like a monster dream, b/c its only a frame in a dream, i run away. Done. Next scene kinda deal.
    Can't be presence of mother or any female figure, they almost have no relevance to what i was dreaming or do anything out of ordinary to be mentioned in my dream this frequently.

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    I once had a dream where all the colors were dull or faded; mostly browns, greys, black. I was in a hotel room with my family, and the room was nearly bare of furniture. I recall that the carpet looked soft. My hand ached, and when I looked at it it was pierced with dozens of needles, some the size of knitting needles. The next thing I recall, there is an earthquake, and then we are driving away as fast as possible. The needles are still in my hand, and the streets are empty, and buildings are catching fire.

    I had a dream where I was a murderer. I transferred my soul into the body of a young boy I took from an ice cream shop, leaving my own body for dead. I returned to his house, and there was a feeling of safety and comfort from his mother that my dream self had never before experienced. I successfully masqueraded as him until his body was that of a teenager... then I killed again, and transferred my soul into the body of a 16 year old girl.

    I tend to have strange dreams.

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    I routinely have dreams that make LSD look boring.

    Could be why I've never bothered to do drugs.
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    I keep on having this dream lately where I am given a car by someone I know, a different person each time. The car is old usually a beaten up muscle car when I put my foot down I feel this surge of power from the car go through my body and the dream ends. The car is surprisingly powerful.

    Anybody know what it means?

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