ghetto is an awesome place to live, is`nt it? people always dying, I hear you have to walk with your eyes to the ground or looking straight cause if you send a glance in the wrong direction, you look might be confused as "mad dogging" or challenge and you will be shot. there are many paranoid assholes, who have all done something and as a result are constantly looking over their shoulder, one of major things they may have done is killed someone. makes sense, the high paranoia that in turns creates the atmosphere of fear for the people who are just going about and trying to live. not only do they have to contend making thousands of little choices on where to cut corners in their lives to just making it, they have to contend with these assholes that sit on the corner of their block throwing their chicken claw signs another wonderful obstacle the move around, except these ass holes end up far out weighing issue of just barley scraping by. its tough as it is, and these guys just further detract from the quality of their lives. the criminals make it where they cant even own anything of value. if you buy something nice, you have to sneak it in where least amount of people are watching otherwise what you own will get stolen when everyone is away from the house.

am I missing something here?

these people change you to the core, a mentality is born from their presence that when you leaves these places, you take the mindset you wherever they go. its like a disease that has infected you, curled up in your psyche that lies in the back of your mind exerting its influence on your perception of reality.

maybe we are too nice to our little gang members, who have tendencies of showing no regard for the lives of other people and maybe instead of waiting for escalated violent behavior that would result in another person life, why dont we just dispatch in mass trials instead of case by case.

what are your thoughts?

(influenced by recent conversation with a person who dealt with so much crap)