We become electrified by an event or even by a person. But what becomes electrified? It's our central nervous system.

Our central nervous system is deep inside us and guides our every action. So naturally we protect it. We protect it with our muscles. Our muscles tense up and form a hard armour to protect our vulnerable electric central nervous system.

But today the world has been turned on its head. Rather than having our central nervous system protected on the inside, it is now exposed on the outside.

How did this happen?

Our tools are extensions of our senses. For instance, the wheel is an extension of our foot, print is an extension of our eye, and the telephone extends our central nervous system to the entire world. There is now no place our nervous system can hide.

And with our central nervous system on the outside we are sensitive to the slightest touch. The touch of the television, the touch of the newspaper, and the touch of Central.

And being so sensitive and vulnerable to touch, we are slowly developing the etiquette of touch.

Here for instance, we have rules of etiquette which are enforced by the moderators.

And if we are to thrive in this new world of touch, we need to focus on our organ of touch, our skin.

How is it different from our other senses like sight, hearing, smell and balance?

How can we get in touch? Well, we get in touch every day by logging into Central.

Central is our central nervous system.