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    Uhm... oxygen is what causes aging. I'm almost positive if we found a way to remove that, we'd die faster.

    I would like to live longer than 15000 years. I'll go for 3k if I can.

    It would probably be the same like you said now -- assume the average is 14000, and the further you are from that, the more tragic it is. Theoretically, people could live that long anyway except that oxygen thing. The proportions would be different I guess.

    I'm guessing people would kill themselves much faster -- drinkers, smokers... I think that 1% thing would go way the fuck up once a few of these chain smokers got to be 110 or so. Same with exposure to driving. Statistically, the more exposure you have, the more likely it is you'll have an accident. The entire equation changes once people can live forever.

    Presumably, war wouldn't be a problem, or at least not a big one anyway, because somehow, I don't think we're going to have much of a good shot of colonizing other planets if we've not got an, at least *mostly* peaceful world down here on earth. There would be a lot of thwarting of other nation's effort and such otherwise.

    But you might say "if and when we run into extra terrestrials there'll be a war." No there won't. If they're curious enough to be colonizing planets too, they'll want to study us more than they'll want to kill us. Think about it -- if the scientists of earth would rather study things for advancement of technology and understanding, why would they be any different? Seems like curiosity would beat out fear. Chances are, they'd only attack, if they felt threatened -- maybe not... I don't really know, but I don't think they'd be smart enough to build a ship, but dumb enough to think they need to kill all other ships that came near with no reason.

    "But nocapszy, wut if we travel to the home planet of another race and they haven't learned about space travel yet?" Well, chances are, if they're going to attack us, but didn't have space weaponry we could:
    A. Leave
    B. Beat them

    Seems like a win win.

    So war isn't a problem. It's not a *major concern* At least not until we run into another goliath intergalactic force and start squabbling over planets. At that point, I'd make sure I was dead, because I'd be too embarrassed show my face as one of the races who does that bullshit.

    The trick is to cut and run. Compromise. That way, we don't lose our civilians and soldiers -- and subsequently our reason for colonizing in the first place LOL -- trying to take something from another force that they could easily snatch back up in a year or two.

    So, I'm going to assume that we've lucked out, and gotten diplomats smart enough to know how to handle these things.

    At this point, we can only destroy ourselves. And boy is that easy folks. Alcohol and cigarettes. Expeditions gone wrong. Car wrecks, that one's been mentioned. Rate of exposure goes up and statistically you're more likely to have a fatal wreck as the years go by -- granted it's not a guarantee, but it does become likely.

    I think the real causes of death will be those things that take a very very long time to kill us. Like McDonalds. And smoking, like I've said. McDonalds will be the biggest threat to all humans in this world.

    Brace yourselves.
    we fukin won boys

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    Unless you eliminated risk *completely* you would almost always die in an accident under these rules. Crossing a road, getting in a car, flying, going into the wrong bar, all carry small but significant risks. If you add up all the risks and came up with odds of "1:1,000,000 of having a fatal accident on any given day" you would, on balance, not live beyond 1,000,000 days, perhaps sooner if a comet crashed into your house! If you attempted to eliminate all risk (impossible) you would be a very sorry character. Ergo, the quality of life would be inversely proportional to it's quantity - something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy...

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    Family: Right now a person will most likely know their great grandparents and later their great grandchildren. After immortality I think a person would maintain those number of relationships. Living 1,400 years you would have a lot of decedents and a lot of grandparents. Your great-great grandchildren/grandparents only share 1/16th of your DNA, at that distance I think the familial bonds are pretty stretched. So three generations up and three down, broadening nearer the individual's generation to include aunts, uncles and cousins seems reasonable.

    Marriage: Living for 1,400 years could render marriage obsolete as a social institution. Some might spend their entire lives together but most will probably do serial monogamy as they do now. Some might do 25 year marriages to raise children and then split up.

    Life: Now you spend 20 years growing up and going to school then you work for 45 years then you retire and spend the next 20 slowly decomposing on the couch watching Matlock then you die. With no retirement, no burden of caring for the elderly, no medicare and such would put a lot of money and productive capacity back into the economy.

    Mentally: I have no idea how the human mind would cope with 1,400 years of youthful life. We evolved as hunter gatherers who die at 45 if we're lucky. We seem to be having trouble with 75 years.

    Myself, I would like to live forever just to see how humanity's shenanigans turn out, to know what happens next.

    Edit: I just realized that had nothing to do with the topic at all. I need more coffee. Maybe less.

    Death: We'll be fucked up for a week or so depending on how close the person was to us then get over it. Just like now.

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    Well... one could theoretically control their age. For example, if someone wanted to be 8 years old for a hundred years -they could! You can control your aging, remmeber, so I assume this applies, as well. Then they'd say "I've had enough of third grade" and stop taking the meds for a few years. Now they are 17, just got their drivers liscence... now they are going to be a pot smoking teenager for the next 40 years. Then one day they decide to be a college freshman, so they stop taking meds for a few years and spend one year as a freshman at each college they can find. Then they stop the meds again untill they are 30, ect, ect.

    If someone wanted to live forever, they could. They could age themselves to be like 70. Who kills a seventy year old? I think if people did age themselves to the right age where it is unlikely someone will kill them (I'm sure there are some age groups that get killed more than others of non-natural causes), they could essentially live forever.

    I think suicide would go up, a lot. I might even commit suicide. There are already elderly people who say they have lived a good life and want to die, so they kill themselves, so imagine how much this would go up after that. I think the perception of death would be that it is just the end of the road that you are building every minute. I think the perception of life would change. It would perhaps become meaningless. Whats the point in living if there is no limit, no end, and essentially no consequence? When are you going to start your work if theres no deadline?

    Now... imagine if you could also reverse your age! I think people would end up living to be old, becoming young again, going to another planet or whatever, living a full life there, ect. Or more suicide, whatever.

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    Perish the thought! Shades of green as in Soylent. Where will all the food to feed these masses come from.. well "accidents" of course. Oh, well, at least the oil needs would be solved that way.

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