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    The Particular and the Abstract

    What scares me here is that most can evoke, analyse, evaluate and integrate the particular, but the abstract of the particular is a complete blank.

    And yet it is the abstract that provides the context for the particular.

    It's as though we are driving a car but we don't know whether we are on a race track or a quiet country road.

    I find this alarming, for those who are limited to the particular are easy prey for predators.

    And yet what is scary is how much those limited to the particular, hate the abstract, and socially exclude those who can draw the abstract from the particular.

    So the blindness to the abstract seems to be a social blindness.

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    Default mature and immature

    when someone says "i think... unicorns are real", i think it doesn't matter if it is right or wrong. to me, the proper, mature response would be curiosity.

    why do you think that?
    please, tell me more."

    when i first learned the american language as a kid, i naturally thought it was polite syntax to say "i think..." with what you are thinking, to differentiate between imagination and fact. i also naturally believed that, in all cases, acting out of anger was always immature.

    when people talk about theory, there is no need to get angry, or scream out "no!"

    so i think the hate, and then the outright quashing of an idea, is because of immaturity.

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