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    Default Karpman Drama Triangle

    Love this theory. It's applicable to almost any negative human interaction.

    I find myself sometimes taking on the roles of rescuer or persecutor, not so much victim. When this happens, I give my head a good shake and back off.

    From what's been happening in the last 24 hours on TypeC, members should take a good look at this theory and try to apply it to their own behaviours.

    The Purpose of The Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor Game

    1. Keeps responsibility out there.
    2. There is a lack of internal conflict within the individual. It's all created in others.
    3. Players lack empathy, are very self absorbed in their own role of the moment.
    4. Patterns of the game prevent problem solving — the drama rules.
    5. Maintains bad boundaries.
    6. The game provides identity and fills emptiness, because two people can jump around in all three roles to fuel the drama.

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    Recent posts with enough drama on this forum? Persecutor. Was sort of an end all be all post.

    A few older posts? Victim (and a little bit of rescuer,) but that is because the thread was practically geared towards a victim approach.

    I can see how it works in real life interaction.

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    This site was a letdown. I didn't find any good rapy ideas at all.

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