I could go my whole life, but it wouldn't be as fun.

1. I'm still in school and too forgetful of details such as MY FLASH DRIVE. I don't know how long I would last without online word processing and storage. Same goes for just about any other webware, actually.

2. It would be a relative pain in the ass going through the library for something I could find through Google in a heartbeat.

3. I don't have decent transportation and I live in an area where everything is widely spaced-- pretty much everyone I want to talk to is out of reach without the internet.

What earlier generations need to understand is that the computer is not an idiot box, it is an interactive tool-- I'd gladly throw it away if I could teleport to and from my friends' houses (but most my friends are guys, so my parents probably wouldn't be too happy with that).

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I'd be fine. It would only be a hardship if only I coudn't get on the internet and everyone else could.

4. I use my phone, but... you can't share pictures, facial expressions, videos, etc. through a phone, nor is it acceptable to switch between eight conversations at once. The way I see it, phones are for appointments and "Are you here yet?" calls.

TL;DR: If the internet went down RIGHT NOW, I would instantly flip out about how I can't look up events near me for the night, or buy tickets online, or use MapQuest to get there. I would be 345723475893475x more screwy with adrenaline and doing stupid shit, and I can imagine my behavior wouldn't be too different from how I could act if the world was ending. I NEED something to occupy my mind.