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View Poll Results: How long could you go without the internet?

39. You may not vote on this poll
  • A day

    14 35.90%
  • A week

    9 23.08%
  • A month

    2 5.13%
  • 3 months

    1 2.56%
  • A year

    2 5.13%
  • I would be fine if the internet went down permanently beginning tomorrow.

    11 28.21%
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    Senior Member uncommonentity's Avatar
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    May 2011


    Probably suprising to hear from an INTJ that he could indefinitley live without the internet but I'd just find something better to do with my time. Like work-out all day or something. There'd still be plenty of things to do on a computer with no internet.

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    I need internet for brain stimulation and looking into things I can't or wouldn't want to physically. Even when I'm on vacation overseas, I like to stop in at internet cafes to check my email, etc. In the past I've also downloaded a lot of [not porn, get your heads out of the gutter!] movies, tv shows, Hulu, etc. on my 'puter, as much as I watch cable. I also need the net to download music [legally]. Sometimes I will look something up online and start lily-padding topics until I am reading about something that seems completely unrelated to the first topic. When I was kid, pre-internet days (geez, totally ageing myself here) I LOVED my physical encyclopedia collection and thick books with stories and visiting the library. So the nerd in me just loves the 'net, it's like a natural progression... I don't think the internet or Kindles are *replacements* for the physical books and libraries, but they are a millennial counterpart.
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    Well most of my friends I have on the internet so it would suck going without it somehow, but if I lets assume would have all my friends in range and didnt have internet, I'ld prolly have a lot of gadgets. For instannce I like to know the weather, at least 3 times a day in summers I am watching the weather waiting for a nice thunderstorm. I am intrested in the physical layer of airmass movement and heat convection, it's like a huge dynamic clockwork which sparkles my intrest. If I wouldnt have the internet to check on the weather, I'ld prolly have a lot of tools at hand, like a small weather station at home (which I'll have despite the internet sonner or later ).

    But that aint everything, I like to be informed and to know whats going on around me. Without the internet I'ld prolly dig deeper into radio communication or some sorts of communication to get the latest news. Since I am a person who loves to chatter, these news will be shared and will travel. So even without internet, a new form like an internet soon will be born.

    I dunno, you'll never be able to stop things like that, I could write an whole essay on this ..

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    I can't vote in your poll options, because it doesn't include any values less than 1 day.

    Sheesh. My internet goes down for 3 minutes and I start hyperventilating.
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    Not very long, especially since I've made friends here...

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    All Natural! All Good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    I can't vote in your poll options, because it doesn't include any values less than 1 day.

    Sheesh. My internet goes down for 3 minutes and I start hyperventilating.
    I agree, and also can't vote lol. It's so sad. I have one hour lectures and start getting must-get-on-internet urges like 15 minutes in. Nothing else in life is sufficiently stimulating, it seems.
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    I could definitely go without the internet... but, it is required at my university that I check my emails and get information off of lecturers from their website, so the only way I could go without is if they went without and gave me all of the info by hand. I guess, if it's only my household internet, I could just use their computers. I would use it for wikipedia... but there's books for that, that are actually a million times more reliable and more in depth, wiki is just easier :P
    5 3 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by strychnine View Post
    I agree, and also can't vote.
    Well just assume that 'a day' = a day or less.

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    Technically, I could go without the internet indefinitely. I just wouldn't want to. The internet is an extremely useful tool.
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    I am an internet addict, but I could go without internet forever. I would easily switch, and within a week it wouldnt matter anymore. I think my life would become much better actually. Though I dont know where would I get my information fix from, but I guess as other people would, if whole internet went down.

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