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    Default Your cognitive functions as a child

    (Idea stemmed from the thread, "The problem with intuition")

    How did your personality manifest itself when you were not yet developed?

    I remember saying my first word. The reason for my first word was very ESFP in nature. Everyone around me was saying it and laughing and smiling. I wanted to make everyone around me laugh and smile again and again. I just have a fuzzy memory of my grandfather and uncles playing golf on a video game. I just kept hearing the word par! with all this excitement and laughter. I was sitting on the floor. I suddenly yelled "PAR!!!" (My first word.) I got my wish, everyone turned their head towards me and started laughing and talking excitedly, (but obviously for a different reason.)
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    I was very Fi, very much wanted to fix the world solve world hunger go back in time help a few slaves escape that sort of thing. I'd feel bad when I saw injustice in the world, I don't know why or how because at that age most kids don't give a fuck and I wasn't in an enviroment where I was exposed to that sort of thing. I was also quiet and shy and let others take the lead, I preferred sitting on the side lines than get involved.
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    I actually remember being very introverted and Ti.

    My environment wasn't really open to that, so I remember introverting even more, it was just easier so that no one would pay attention to me and cause problems. But I had very sharp judgments internally about what things were and how they fit together, and what made sense. Everything was about "what made sense" big-picture, and I really enjoyed exploring things to see if I could figure out how they worked. When I was young, I was also the one who would read the directions on everything, but as I got older, I used the directions as a guideline and meanwhile used my head to figure them out.

    I was very aware of social cues growing up in my teens, and how people might perceive actions and words, but even while I sculpted an image for myself to minimize external strife and have people think well of me, I really hated the pressure of it and remember thinking a lot of it was silly, arbitrary, and meaningless.
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    I really don't remember much at all from my early childhood - most especially under age 7 or so - beyond visual images/memories, and certain memories of my feelings/impressions of various things and time periods.

    And whenever I have asked my mom about what I was like as a child, she has not been forthcoming and tends to not have anything to say about it really, other than that I was a collicky (sp?) and kind of irritable baby (lol) and that as a very young toddler I was apparently really friendly to strangers and she worried about me, and that my uncle apparently told her she'd have to keep an eye on me! Oh, and she said that I could be 'sensitive' at times. Really... she's just not very descriptive or illuminating when I've asked!!

    What I remember from my childhood was spending a lot of time observing things, and just thinking/contemplating. I read a lot, and was interested in various activities (all solitary, not team-oriented), but as far as me in my head - just the observing & contemplating piece. I have no recollection of specific things I said or thought, though. (Although I start recalling more of that - more specifics - from late elementary and beyond. I wonder though if in another 10 yrs my recollection of teenage thoughts will be virtually non-existant, though? haha. It's one motivation I have for journaling -- I can record all of this stuff that I know I'm going to forget. )
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    I read that intuition thread and thought to myself that how on earth these people remember such detailed things. I can't remember much of anything under the age of 5, aside from the birth of my brother at 3. From then on, there's just bits and pieces of blurry images and feelings and I can't even be sure if they really happened or if I read about them in some books. I know that I was a bossy kid, a tomboy, I read an awful lot of books between the ages of 5-10 and from then on TV suppressed everything, so my mind was constantly occupied with fictional stories and characters. I can't even be sure whether I've subconsciously suppressed most of the things because I was unhappy at the time or that it's just something normal that happened to me because I had a hard time staying in the present.

    I have a feeling that I felt happy but I really can't be sure if it was real or again something a fictional character felt. Nowadays I mostly force myself to deal with the present because everything would be screwed if I didn't, but seriously, if I didn't have to, my mind would float away and never look back. And it's not because I have reason to escape the reality, it's quite the opposite, but it just happens. Even things that happened last week seem like years ago. It would be really interesting to take a look inside my mind as a kid and compare.

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    tbh i don't think i've changed all that much. i was extremely curious, perceptive, aesthetic, relatively quiet, liked people engaging with me, and was a little fireball when i got told i couldn't do something. benevolent rulebreaking is my MO

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    I was extremely introverted until around 14 when I all of a sudden turned into a choleric son of a bitch
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    For example I never understood why I am so different from everybody else and why would a child that has just started to go into elementary school had a strong wish/need to retreat from everybody else so that he can play games like this.


    Especially I have liked the meetings at high command.



    (There is more material at the youtube links, if someone wants to watch)

    The funniest thing is that I never truly understood why me or my logic is intimidating to so many people. And then the MBTI came and explain all of that quite well .

    Just my two cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    I remember saying my first word.
    Holy! You win the memory award.

    I don't really think I can put a type to myself, but I guess I was always quite introverted. Don't get me wrong, I loved socializing with other people, but I could just as easily retreat into my own little world and stay there. I've always liked to work with my hands (possibly Se), but I've never been an observant person at all (contradicts Se?). Oh and when I played pretend with anyone, I always had to be the boss (Te). We would normally act out things from my imagination because I liked to be in charge and I liked my imagination better than other people's. Hmm... I also really liked math because it's very objective because everything typically has a definitive answer (very S). Oh, and I was always the type of kid who'd constantly get bugged to clean out her tornado of a desk (lack of Te).

    Never much cared to hold on to friends either. I don't recall them meaning terribly much to me... they'd just be around to have a good time and I'd switch my "best friend" nearly every year.

    Hmmm... definitely some type of introverted sensor like I am now, but the rest is too fuzzy.

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    I'm with phantonym on this one. I have like five vague memories and then it all disappears. I can barely remember yesterday, it's a problem.

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