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    o ok, don't know if that's worth me writing a love note to myself. but maybe. I'll think about it
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    apparently, i come here to open thread and disappear after that.

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    Sooooo i am 365.5:1

    Terrible things happen to good people every day.
    Consequentially, I am not one of the good people.
    I am one of the terrible things.

    Conclusion: Dinosaurs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Architectonic View Post
    The most prolific thread starters seem to peak out at a rate of 10:1.
    Close, but no cigar. I'm at 18:1

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    I've got 8.98:1 (practically 9:1) ratio. My threads are not usually huge hits, and some of them are complete misses, but I don't bother. It keeps me humble to see how little interest I generate. On the other hand, there's usually a fair amount of replies, and I think the topics get handled just OK. I don't usually invite much side-tracking, but I really enjoy the responses people make. Usually my motive is not to encourage social interaction, even though I enjoy it real life, but to discuss a topic. I feel that many obscure and esoteric topics get handled here MUCH better than in real life conversations, face to face.

    I think I was on top10 list of thread starters a while ago. So, my main points in starting threads are curiosity and brainstorming, bouncing off ideas, and examining a topic. I have zero interest in winning anyone in an internet discussion, but I often use a debating method of examining some topic, to see how the idea survives the debate. For me, an honorable debate, for pro and against some idea, is a good method for examining how some piece of fact or some idea can survive.

    Then again, I think there's too much a "harmonious" mood in many of my threads. Sometimes I ridicule people's opinions, but at a much lower rate than I see in general discussions. I think that threads where people offend each other go on for longer and invite more spectators. I don't do any of that so often, and I don't often have extreme views, so I'm more of a boring babbler who goes on and on and takes a middle-of-the-road approach to many subjects. See this post right here?

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