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    Smile Trance Designers

    How can we step outside of the taken for granted? How can we step outside of the everyday?

    Well what is amazing is how powerful is the everyday - we take it for granted. But the everyday is guided by trances. These are shared trances and cultural trances and so are invisible to us.

    But as we learn to enter and leave trances safely at will, cultural and group trances start to become visible to us.

    If we want to belong by conforming, this can be alarming. But if we want to be free, we can start to breathe deeply.

    So paradoxically the purpose of learning to entrance ourselves is to learn to wake up from culturally induced group trances.

    This is not for the faint hearted, but frees us to become trance designers.

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    Smile A Trance for Two

    Trance design is easy. First we need a way in and a way out. If our way in is to count to 12, then our way out is count from 12 to 1. Or if you notice my posts, you will find I begin the heading with the same words I end the post. These are the markers, or the bookends of the trance. They tell us when to go to sleep and when to wake relaxed and refreshed.

    Next we need to decide the purpose of the trance. It may be we want perfect recall or we may want to be euphoric and relaxed. It's important to know where we are going for each trance is different with different effects and affects, for each trance consists of a different mix of cognitive and imaginative elements.

    And as we fall into a particular trance we notice particular physical changes and changes to our psyche.

    And also we become suggestible, so before we fall into a trance we should decide what suggestions we want to give ourselves while in the trance. We should deicide on the suggestions beforehand while we are in possession of our full cognitive faculties.

    Of course it is lovely to design particular trances for ourselves, but particularly lovely to design a trance for two.

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