(Psychology? Arts and Entertainment? Thought that both of them applied.)

[YOUTUBE="42E2fAWM6rA"]Jonathan Reed - Lost Generation[/YOUTUBE]

This video is a few years old, but this guy entered into a contest of what people will perceives to be the world 50 years from now. This poem, when read top down, puts a grim and pessimistic view of the future. But when this poem is read in reverse, that negativity changes to something positive.

Whether you think this is easy to do or not, got to hand it to this guy for making such a poem.

It makes me think, being positive goes a long way. Having a group of people think this way goes a long way. Having a country of people think like this goes a long way. Things could change if more people thought one way or another.

Instead of "this is how the world is," it can become "what the world should become."