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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    What do you think, how is that possible ? Any tricks, hints, excersises welcome.
    You can always risk being decisive without taking notes of all the details. What you're trying to do is exhausting beyond words, at least for myself. Decisiveness can be achieved by realizing that despite your knowledge is limited, a quick decision is almost always better than being hyper-analytical or draining your time and energy. It's about risking that you might get punched in the face by concentrating on swiftness.

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    In that time 3 hours of very valuable lifetime are wasted and after it I have a headache and still no decision. Yet when I shut the colleague out in the first place it would be very very unfriendly and I cant do that.
    Be very very friendly, but still shut him out. Prioritize. If you know his work is unnecessary at that particular moment, tell him that he can present his ideas later on, or that you both have to concentrate on other issues. Your time is valuable, and you don't have to waste 3 hours of your time to be friendly. Just my two cents though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    If you by chance know one or two good books, please share. Thank you again so far
    Glad I could help.

    I got most of my formal training in the military and in institutional training programs, so I can't suggest a single book right off the top of my head. But I did a search for book reviews and supervision, and based on the descriptions the following books seemed well-rated and suitable to your level of managment issues:

    1) Growing Great Employees: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers, by Erika Andersen
    This seems like a good starting point, the ABCs of supervision and small-unit leadership. One chapter is devoted to each of the main principles of good supervision in the workplace.

    2) Performance Talk: The One-on-One Part of Leadership, by Wally Bock
    This book sounds more focused than the first one: It seems to be more about interacting directly with subordinates

    3) Practical Lessons in Leadership: A Guidebook for Aspiring and Experienced Leaders, by Art Petty and Rich Petro
    This book sounds like it's getting away from the ABCs and getting more into theory and overall mangement. So it would be read after the first two.

    The other alternative is to wander around the business section of your local bookstore, pick up books, and look at the table of contents. Basically, look for books that have a chapter on delegation and a chapter on giving feedback/assessing performance. Those are probably the two most difficult areas of direct supervision, and any book on basic small-unit supervision should devote some wordage to them.

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    entropie, you live in Germany, right? If so, how does your labour movement work? This is key in how you manage them if they belong to collective bargaining units.

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    Its pretty awesome that you are improving yourself rather than just swearing at the person. You`re halfway there.

    There are actually several types of leadership in the corporate world, each is oriented towards whatever specific purpose you want to achieve.

    Now being a fellow NTP, I`m pretty sure, you can`t just accept an answer and that you`ll look for a `why`. SO, here, have a read:

    I think one of the above should set up a good framework for you to work with

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