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    What do you perceive as insecurity?
    In short, not liking something about oneself. Being ashamed of anything related to oneself. There are a million other ways to reword this but I think you get the idea. (It's kind of hard to say what I 'percieve' it to be since I thought it had a pretty straight forward webster's dictionary definition.)

    What are your particular insecurities?
    My looks, my behaviors and actions, my relationships with others. (A lot of things actually end up stemming off of this since many activities require at least some of the above...)

    How do you try to deal with or improve them?
    I try to view them as objectively as possible. I admit them to myself. I learn to like them and make sense of where they came from.

    How have the insecurities of your families, SOs, friends etc affected you?

    I'm not really sure, to be honest. I can tell you if someone is feeling insecure about something, but I only own my own reactions to them. A lot of times I monitor my own reactions and own insecurities, and in the end others don't really affect me at all. I affect myself. Though sometimes I think that my family's insecurities may have affected me at young ages without me realizing. I never had a father, which I used to think was a cop out to say that ever affected me. Have recently started to acknowledge that it did. My family never had money and talked about it as if it was something of the devil, and I've finally decided not to make that my own. Other than that, I think that I can keep others insecurities in perspective related to my own.
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    Default feeding off emotions

    in elementary, i remember my best friend called me clingy. she was right, i am frighteningly clingy.

    i think this is because of my depressed mom, who would tell me a lot that "i am only living because of you", that "you have to live for my happiness. it doesn't matter if you are happy."

    i'm scared, no, terrified, of the effect i have on others and of driving away people, so i don't show my emotions. i don't think anyone should have to feel like how i felt with my mom.

    my current best friend says i have a very "flat" personality, that my emotions are very stable, that she wishes she could be as easy-going as me.

    my insecure part kicks in about here: i know what i am doing is bad for me. at the same time, if i don't it's bad for others. because i can be very draining, i keep my guard up or go away. i don't want to hurt anyone.

    i want to be vulnerable with people who can handle it. and i really want to be completely vulnerable. but only if they are happy with my company as well. i want to have a symbiotic mutualism relationship with someone, not a parasitic one.

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