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    Quote Originally Posted by Perch420 View Post
    When I read, I look for what can be implied from what I'm, reading and what it means. I guess this is Ni, but I'm, not sure.

    OP, if you were to read an article on the crisis in Libya, would your reaction be primarily about how you feel morally about the event? That would be Fi, right? What would be examples of other functions reacting to the same article? I know as a (probably) INTJ (Ni-dom,) I'm thinking about how this event will influence the world and what this means for both the Arab world and humanity as a whole. A Ti-dom would I guess try to make a conclusion about the event; i.e. it will cause the collapse of dictatorship in the world completely or something like that.
    Yes! This is precisely where I was trying to go with my original thread. Just wasn't sure how to pose it. I suppose it's something that all of us who study mbti know... but I was focusing in on how each dominant function works when looking at the same picture.

    EDIT: maybe not precisely where i was trying to go with this thread, but definitely up there in my thoughts.
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    I don't read many words, I skim at best (poor attention span, my mind wanders). But if there are diagrams/tables/graphs/etc I can usually pick up what they mean on first glance. Then I skim the text. I find it easier to fill in the gaps from the text, if I already know what it's about first, by looking at the image. I guess I zoom in rather than out, going from general to specific, honing in on the things I am most interested in (or things I think are important). This is probably related to efficiency, because it makes sense to go towards what is the most valuable, rather than read everything lol. But whatever I'm reading, I sometimes realize as I'm reading it, that it's related to some other thing in some other course or something I read online... or w/e. Most of the time that relation is still useless information, though. It's just interesting. Strangely enough, I don't seem to do much of the Fi morals thing you mentioned, though I think I see what you mean. I tend to learn well by discussing things also... though it's not necessarily the "best" way.
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    To me learning is like this: imagine an electrical circuit like this:

    First of all, all parts and connections are grey. Then when I learn they lighten up which means I am aware of them or understood their function, then more and more lighten up and this can happen randomly or in sequence. Basically I need to understand the function of the whole thing at the beginning tho, that is the most crucial thing. If I havent understood the big picture function, nor have intrest in the topic, I am pretty blocked out from understanding it. So it's either all in detail / or none at all.

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    I am basically the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    I wondered this because my INTJ roommate said that when he reads he's often just reading through and doesn't sit to comprehend or make sense of it until he is finished. Once he is finished, he prefers to sit and discuss it, and therefore make use of Te to actually make sense of what he's read. It is in his use of Te that he is actually gaining ideas and making his thoughts.
    The INTJ I know likes to talk about everything he read. At times, he'll talk about what he is reading while he is if I am around.
    Oh, its

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