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    Once you learn to fake sincerity, you've got it made.


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    Default The good, the bad, the subjective

    I think the things people say to and about you say just as much (sometimes more) about them than it does you. Having said that, just some comments that stick out to me for being good or bad.

    My INTP friend:
    "Everyone likes you" (Ha, I wish. This actually surprised me)

    Friend's Roommate, IXFJ:
    "CzeCze is is someone you can't forget" (I think she heard crazy stories and she didn't believe them until we met)

    Friend from college ENTX (she is crajee btw)
    "Don't be intellectual to woo girls because intellectuals are boring and you are very fun"

    Acquaintance IXXJ?:
    "CzeCze is funny as shit"

    Professor who didn't like me:
    "People might listen more to you if you weren't so hostile and intimidating" (Hahahaah motherflippin' hippie)

    Student when I told her the professor's comment
    "You are the least intimidating person I've ever met in my life

    Director of non-profit during interview:
    "This program gives positive role models to young women -- and I think you're a great role model" (*tear* I actually felt really fake and caught off- guard when she told me this)

    Older people:
    "You're very mature. You don't annoy me like other young people."

    ISTJ friend:
    "You are an aimless, shiftless adult" (ouch, damn you ISTJs)

    XNTX roommate:
    "You're kinda lazy"

    XNTX ex-girlfriend:
    "You're evil" and "You're the devil" and "You're an asshole" (it was a lovely relationship if you can't already tell)

    EXXJ at work, former manager at beginning at job
    "You seem like the kind of person who isn't scared of anything"

    Same former manager at end of job
    "You are scared of this job and your team "

    My INTP brother:
    "You have such a hyperactive addictive personality. Look at you getting all excited and stupid for no reason [playing a time management online game]. Why don't you do drugs or smoke?"

    My response btw was: :steam: Get the flip :steam: away from me! I'm trying to win back my flippin' :steam: father's ice cream empire and I need to serve these flippin :steam: customers some flippin :steam: ice cream before the flippin :steam: time runs out!! :steam:
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    I get I'm refreshingly honest (I don't see why I would lie about what I think or your outfit)
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1284eliz View Post
    I was told that I don't know how to be fake, which I don't
    I have been told this too.
    "Sometimes you have to accommodate others. You can't be selfish." because I am incapable of adapting to people I feel like an igloo around. [hence, avoidance:]
    I explained the situation to an online anonymous counsellor who told me, "You strike me as a deep thinker, but I don't understand why at this age you have to go SO deep in trying to understand yourself and others. What if I told you to smell the roses? Pluck the daisies? Go with the flow." He must've been a :P and didn't appreciate me asking whether my type had anything to do with it.
    Of course I didn't take his advice.

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    What I hear:
    Wierdo. Retard. Shut the -blam! up! Go away!
    I respond: O tempora, O mores!

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    A teacher, ENxP:
    * You are very assertive! That is a very good thing!

    Another teacher, ExxJ:
    * You are so disobedient! You know nobody likes disobedient people! Nobody likes people who never do their homework! Everybody hates you! All the teachers hate you! All of your class mates hate you! And now be a good kid and finish your work! (Which was actually true, nobody liked me back in those days, but I didn't care because I didn't like them either. All of my teachers and my class mates were so BORING!!!)

    My dad, INTJ:
    * (8 years ago) Their are only two kinds of people in the world: stupid social people and INTELLECTUALS!!! Social people are those who like to party. They never get a job. But you and me, we are INTELLECTUALS! Intellectuals are the smart people who don't party and those who don't need friends. Intellectuals do get good jobs! Intellectuals get rich! So stay an intellectual! Don't go partying and only hang out with the smart kids!
    * (A few weeks ago) You are always alone. You never talk to other people. I don't like that! Who knows everybody starts to think that you are an autist or something! PLEASE, go out and party. Talk to your class mates (I hate my class mates and so does he, my dad works at our school) and befriend them!!! I don't think I can handle this any longer!!!

    An old man I met a month ago, ExFx:
    * Do you have ADHD?

    A friend of my grandmother, ESFJ:
    * When Kat was a kid, I didn't like her, but fortunately she has turned out to be a nice girl.

    My aunt, ESFx:
    * You are just like your father!!! (she never REALLY knew me)

    Another aunt, xSTJ:
    Aunt: What's your favorite movie?
    Me: Well, i guess that would be Amelie.
    Aunt: AMELIE!!! Awww, I've seen that movie! Amelie is so crazy!
    Me: Yeah, she's just like me!
    Aunt: Indeed! That's just what I wanted to say!!!

    Some old class mates:
    * She is so sweet!!!

    An enemy, ISTJ:
    * You are evil! Look at me, I am at least a NICE girl! You are always criticizing other people, but look at yourself! You are so impatient! You are irresponsible! You never do your homework! You are always saying that my boyfriend looks like a girl but he doesn't! He just has an awesome Japanese style AND YOU CAN'T ACCEPT IT NOW CAN YOU YOU NASTY LITTLE CONFORMIST!!! (She obviously never really knew me.)

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    Friendly, cute, excellent advice giver, hot, a good human being, sexual, unselfish, blunt and to honest

    Down side - bitch, cruel, selfish, blunt and honest.. the usual

    I got an email from my husband this morning (INTJ) .. lol .. His words were Fuck off on the horse you rode in on .. cunt .. how does that feel? .. i laughed so hard and took it as a compliment ..

    I am not cruel with words .. i am honest and blunt .. i call a spade a spade .. So if you screwed me over, i emigrated to another country with my children and sold all my belongings .. you spent most of our savings and was screwing someone else and i come back to England with nothing but 6 suitcases.. and i tell you i was used .. its the truth .. If it hurts then tough shit ..

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    People have told me:

    - I'm too lazy.
    - I am intelligent.
    - I am athletic.
    - I'm good-looking.
    - I'm an antisocial hermit.
    - I'm an enigma, a complicated guy.
    - I'm quiet.
    - I'm very witty.
    - I can eat a whole lot, and have a high metabolism.
    - I have bad time management.
    - I label myself too much.
    - I should be a stand up comic.

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    I was told just recently that I was an astute judge of character. I get that a lot.
    Someone at work said to me last week, "Everybody loves you."
    From someone I know online, that she did not like my "petty hostility." (It's not petty.)

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