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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    entropie, you hit 10,000!
    yes, thanks Cant believe it, next aim will be 100k xD

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    Smile Being in touch.

    Every day we get 'in touch' with one another. We reach our electronically and touch one another. Our sense of touch has been blunted by twelve years of compulsory schooling, but still we find ourselves reaching out.

    It seems we are reaching out into the void until we feel the touch of another hand and then we know we are not alone.

    Sometimes that hand is warm and friendly and sometimes we get a slap and are tempted to slap back. And sometimes we do.

    Sometimes that hand tickles us and we can't help laughing, sometimes LOL.

    Sometimes that hand points in a direction we might go, and sometimes that hand says stop.

    Sometimes we are rude and say, "Talk to the hand", and sometimes we give a blessing with our hand.

    Our hand is a magic wand that plays a tune on our central nervous system, that can set our nevous systms humming together. So don't keep your hands in your pockets, reach out and touch someone - it's as easy as replying to this post.

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