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    i see... oh well, maybe it's only so notable to me because i am very introverted.

    anyways, floor is open to other experiences unrelated to introversion/extroversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    i am very introverted, but i sometimes experience short bursts of what extroversion must be like when i am focused on communicating so much that i am "sucked out" of myself to see from the outside in (which allows me to make a better choice of words)

    it is truly a strange, strange experience, but i know it must be pretty close to what extroversion is like because as soon as i experience it, the behaviors commonly exhibited by extroverted people make absolute sense... it's about where your consciousness is placed. introversion is like driving the car of self, and extroversion is like standing outside of the car guiding it into a parking spot. very crazy!!

    has anyone else experienced moments of extreme empathy? where you, more or less, reverse-engineer an experience into your own mind?
    I'm not sure. I actually think that often happens when other people tell me how they perceive me... in fact, other people's reflections of my feelings back at me are the only way I really experience most emotions (although I guess I can still experience pain, fear, irritation, confusion, or curiosity alone). When I'm alone, I still process ideas and understandings, but not most feelings. The positive feelings and many of the more complex negative ones definitely come from my perception of other people's perceptions.

    I always assumed this was because my Feeling was Extraverted and my Intuition and Thinking were Introverted. So that I have to use an "Extraverted" mechanism to process feelings, but an "Introverted" manner to process intuitions and thoughts.

    So I sort of understand what you're talking about, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing...

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    another analogy...

    complete introversion is like playing indian poker... you can see out but you have no idea what your card looks like. complete extroversion would be you getting to sit and watch the game from the sidelines, except that you're also playing the game and able to control yourself from your external viewpoint

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    Uhhh... I believe I called it "snapping out of it"... as in losing touch with reality. I believe I was sitting around thinking about what will happen if I did go crazy... becoming stuck within my own head and have no sensation of what goes on in the real world. Then I slipped into uhhhh altered consciousness? I suppose you can call it like an "out of body experience" but not quite. There's a clarity within my mind... like I'm evaluating myself objectively. I'm aware of what's going on in my mind... spatial location, more or less a sense of my body. Yet that's pushed to the back of my mind as if those things are of no consequence to me whatsoever... I thought I might have gone too far and wondered whether I'll get stuck detached. Took myself back more or less...

    Is this like what you mean? It does not happen often for me though... I'm more or less out of the run away from everything stage.

    Or are you describing empathy for other people? *scratches head* In that case, no. Fe for me is Fe. It either runs unconsciously in the background or I deliberately shut it off... but it does not go into overdrive. Perhaps it occurs for you because it's your inferior function? Sudden awareness of my surrounds in great acuity happens for me... inferior Se and all. Sometimes I wonder how people with dominant Se handles it... but then I thought to myself, they learn to filter input.

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