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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    You mean, when a doctor pronounces someone dead, it's subjective? There is no objective difference between a living person and a dead body? No objective difference in status?

    I don't buy that.
    Religion and etc?

    Example: The person may have died, but his/her spirit still lives on in me. That is why the person is still alive?

    See how easy it is to mangle something up? Physically, the person has died. Metaphorically, the person still lives on. "Objectively", the doctor pronounces someone is dead. That is the doctor's perspective, as "objective" as it may seem. As such, it can easily be called subjective.

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    ^ Yeah.. You could just as easily say that the person made an impression on the world (by being part of it), so whatever the world becomes is partly due to that person having once existed.

    Or you could debate about what a person is. If you consider a person all the organisms that are inside the skin, they don't all die. Only the big organism dies, and then the bacteria inside him goes on living and eats up the body. But the bacteria was part of you before (without it you would not have survived at all), so isn't it anymore when you're dead?

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