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Thread: Punishment

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    Seneca Essays Book 1

    For the other emotions have in them some element of peace and calm, while this one (anger) is wholly violent and has its being in an onrush of resentment, raging with a most inhuman lust for weapons, blood, and punishment, giving no thought to itself if only it can hurt another, hurling itself upon the very point of the dagger, and eager for revenge though it may drag down the avenger along with it. Certain wise men, therefore, have claimed that anger is temporary madness.
    "I determined nothing."
    -Sceptical expression

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    Could it be said that punishment on a personal scale is communication? It seems to be the desire to control (as Maverick and others have posted), the desire for things to be done "the proper way" etc. Perhaps the whole spread of punishment (where one punishes the punisher or some bystander) is purely done out of a twisted sense of justice where the punisher feels pain and so inflicts it on others to make their own comparative state better.

    Punishment should be, and sometimes is, a statement. It should say that the reason this person is being punished is because what they did is not acceptable and to redress the balance. Without punishment then there would be less cost to destructive behaviour, that's not good, but granted it is also often used to sooth the punisher's own feelings of inadequacy or vunerability.
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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