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    I am a multi tasker, this is what keeps me focused.

    I chunk tasks together, something important or needing organized is paired with a creative task as an undertone. Less priority.

    Routine tasks get paired with brain storming. Like creating mental check lists or important problem solving while cleaning the house. Since routine tasks don't take too much thought.

    Things that demand my fullest attention, I try to set a due date in my mind that is ahead of time, and forget the actual due date, until I am already done with the task and figuring out what to do with the finished product. Suddenly it dons on me, it didn't need to be completed till next week. If by some chance I haven't gotten around to it by its due date, I still have time to finish it. Since I am reminded I don't want to be late on it, it gets set to top priority.

    I like having things done, and I like having free time to do whatever. So I try to finish everything for say, the next month, then let myself relax and just contemplate about the next month for about a week or so.

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    I want to add, but can't edit from phone, that this method looks completely erratic to the observer.

    Some days its like, bam! done, done, done, done, done. Other days it appears I am not doing shit. People don't realize a lot of planing goes into those bam days.

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