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    What bothers me is that he keeps coming around to find *me* specifically. This has been going on for years, even if I don't respond or get angry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclight View Post
    Funny, I can think of many more females I have known who have displayed the behaviors mentioned in those 13 questions. In fact I must be attracted to sociopaths, or all humans suck.. Guess what I am putting my money on?
    SO I am confused why they all say he (instead of he/she)..
    Typical fear mongering bullshit to feed the feminist agenda.
    Did Oprah write this??

    Have a nice day
    Oprah is a feminist???

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    Quote Originally Posted by guesswho View Post
    Kill him.
    Found one!

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    i've encountered psychopaths through working in the criminal justice system - i wouldn't call them 'everyday' psychopaths, as they're killers/rapists/predators. frankly, they're broken people with no redeeming qualities and respond poorly to all forms of criminal rehabilitation.

    the clinically accepted behavioural manifestations that characterise psychopathy include:
    consistent irresponsibility
    persistent lying
    repetitive offending/cruelty to people and animals since childhood

    psychopathy is described by ICD 10 (international classification of diseases) as 'dissocial personality disorders,' which are determined by a disregard for prevailing social norms, persistent irritability and disordered conduct during childhood and adolescence.

    interestingly, under australian law psychopathy cannot be put forward as an independent basis for pleading insanity. however, low impulse control associated with antisocial personality disorder may deprive a person of the power to reason with a moderate degree of sense re whether their conduct is wrong. provided there is medical evidence of low impulse control being a symptom of mental disease - a court may return an insanity verdict.

    i've read studies that claim around 20 - 25% of the prison population are psychopaths. this is one of the reasons why sending low-level offenders to prison is a really stupid idea - they get to make friends with manipulative psychopaths.

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    First off, I think the OP is excellent, and highlights a very important topic.

    I'd like to offer the link below as additional information that speaks about handling "control freaks", "bullies", etc., all of which are potential traits exhibited by sociopaths.

    Avoid these people if you can, learn to identify them, and remove all contact with them from your life, as they will only cause you grief and waste your time.

    Few people truly understand how much damage one reckless, vindictive person can to in a short amount of time to the average person.

    Don't take any crap from these people, but realize that they will always escalate the stakes if you challenge them, and if you are going to deal with them, have evidence (texts, voicemail, video, witnesses of abusive events, etc.) that you can use in a hearing where you can apply for a restraining order or no contact injunction against them, because that is the only thing that has much chance of getting rid of them, besides if they get incarcerated, or of course if they die.

    These people do not comprehend consequences, they only respond to positive re-informcement/rewards of them satisfying their urges, which are often selfish and frequently damaging to others.

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    "If somebody asks your MBTI type on a first date, run". -Donna Cecilia
    "Enneagram is psychological underpinnings. Cognitive Functions are mental reasoning and perceptional processes. -Sanjuro

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    I don't believe that sociopaths/psychopaths are evil, but are rather amoral. They lack both guilt (Fe), and an internal moral compass (Fi). They only have primitive, self-centered survival instincts. Like an animal, but with the intelligence of a human being.

    I believe that instead of isolating these people and separating them from society, and leaving them to rot in prison, we should simply create a social role for identified sociopaths and psychopaths that forces them to contribute to society in order to avoid being subjected to something they consider undesirable, and to gain something they consider desirable. Since they're not emotionally similar to other people, they must be dealt with differently. We would need to apply rules to them that would seem extremely harsh, oppressive, and cruel if applied to a normal person, but which are justified in controlling/containing a psychopath.

    I believe that we live among many of these people, and that due to their high intelligence, they have a lot to contribute if we can only harness their potential in a constructive way. Naturally, we cannot allow them to be trusted or valued by others, but they could be useful if forced to do tasks that require neither capacity.

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    Watched Collateral (2004) on Film4 a while ago with Tom Cruise as a psychopathic hitman on the killing spree. He'd used Jamie Fox, a taxi driver, to get him around the city to assassinate potential witnesses of a trial to his employer. He was shot in the end, and throughout the ordeal, at least for the average mind, his behavior came off nothing short of those you ascertain for psychopathy.

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    My ex BIL is one. He's the only person I know that I'm confident to give that label to. He's also the main reason why I'm not in the phone book or listed on the electoral roll. I keep hoping that one day he'll OD on something and be gone forever. I have reported him to the police for something he did to me; not enough evidence to take it any further but it does mean that if anyone ever reports him for a similar offence, my statement is there as corroborating evidence.

    Edit: I'd say he's a psychopath from nurture, not nature. His whole family is pretty screwed up and not particularly sane (whatever definition of sane you care to use). Nobody ever said no to him growing up. IMO, lack of boundaries from caregivers increases the risk of psychopathy. You don't learn consequences for your own behaviour. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    Feminist agenda? Sociopaths are generally around 97-98% male. This is a long known fact that goes back further than the Oprah show or second wave feminism.
    Except all of my partners throughout my life, I can assign at least 8-10 of those points to each one.

    So I am either attracted to sociopaths OR, we all have sociopath like tendencies..

    The Agenda is not in the behaviors listed.. But rather in the Gender specific use of "He" and not He/she...

    ONLY if.. the stats are; 100% of all sociopaths are male and 0% of all sociopaths are female, can the "presentation" of this data not have a gender bias.
    Therefore a gender bias suggests an opposing agenda against the mentioned gender.

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