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    Mine is one of eternal favourites, a classic but never extremely common. It's easy to pronounce but everyone spells it wrong without fail, and I like it. I've always liked it actually. I think it suits me very well. But strangely hardly anyone ever calls me by my name so when I hear it spoken I never answer to it...

    My mother was a great lover of the classic names and all of us have one. I will concur though that androgynous names aren't a good idea. My brother was and still is trouble, not the interesting kind of trouble. The loserish kind of trouble.

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    I have a moderately common Irish-American first, middle and last name. I've been something of a collector of names from a young age, wanting to change mine or be called by a nickname (which unfortunately my own doesn't have a built in form of). I started to come more to terms with my name when I realized it's meaning: the anglicized Gaelic for "Ireland". I only knew a couple others with the same name growing up, but still felt it was boring. I don't think about my name as much as I used to, but still collect names (for future children, characters and just because I find them intriguing).

    I don't know that my name has affected my personality. If so, it's probably in making me more aware of my heritage, and thus passionate about history (stories in general) and learning-- and those things have definitely shaped my personality. I have wondered if I would be different, had I been named Rachel or Faelynn (the other two options my parents considered).
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    This thread has taught me that the most unique common name is Jeff.

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    As for me, my name is actually an adjective to describe mountains in strength and hight.

    There’s that ancient poem:
    And the eagle doesn’t land unless on the [a form of my name] mountain’s tops.

    Ao I guess it’s character and power.
    Perhaps my name psychologically motivates me to act in a certain way when I’m called by it.
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    My name is Anglo-Norman in origin, so it's appropriate enough and a pretty normal name.

    I don't consciously feel that my name has influenced my personality much, if at all, but first as well as last names in English do have class and ethnicity connotations and I do wonder if people fulfil the stereotypes to an extent.

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    My sisters have really cool, unusual names. Mama gave up when she had me. It's common enough but has never been popular, so I don't run into it a lot. Despite this, it is pronounced wrong every goddamn time. I freaking hate it. No one, I mean, NO ONE, says it right except for my family. I've never been able to teach people to roll it out like they do and bite off the last syllable. And guess what? I don't much like the way they pronounce it either. Damn.

    So I just hand out my nickname instead or the most acceptable substitute pronunciation...gah

    So maybe this has always given me a feeling of being a stranger to myself...

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