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Thread: Procrastination

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    I think fidelia was definitely onto something with her post. She mentioned a lot of the techniques and more that I was going to.

    I'll simply add to it with my own thought: Procrastination is just like any other bad habit. You never consider it 'broken'. I always tell people they "paused" smoking, because you never know if a year from now you'll smoke another one or not.. People who had bad habits about maintaining hygiene can slip again, and fail to brush their teeth.. They're bad habits that you have to consciously overcome day by day. You use techniques that work for you, like the ones mentioned above, and stick to them. Overcome is definitely the right word to choose in the OP imo.
    This is very true, although with the qualifier that habit makes it easier (and also harder).

    If you're in the habit of doing something you enjoy, or avoiding something you don't enjoy, it's hard to change it.
    Once you get in the habit of doing it it gets a lot easier but you'll be tempted many days to "cheat" because it's easier or more appealing.
    If you do, it's a lot harder to go back to the good habit the next day....and each day after that your original habit gets stronger. Then you have to start from scratch and it becomes very difficult again instead of just a little difficult.

    Knowing this has helped me keep going with a few habits (mostly related to not being a slob, and yes, brushing my teeth regularly, which I never got into the habit of doing as a child) because I know that I can lose the habit pretty fast! Things like going to soccer every week too, even though a lot of the time I feel too tired to go, I know it'll make it harder to go the next week if I slack off. I find that habit hasn't really helped me with procrastination because deadlines aren't frequent enough to make into a routine. It works for more day-to-day things though.
    -end of thread-

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    It's weird how trying to teach someone something makes you see your own life more clearly. In the last week I've realized that many bad things in life can be avoided through:

    1. Not taking the path of least resistance (it's easier to fall into bad habits than good ones). Part of the maturing process is taking on responsibility to do that which we are not normally inclined to do and in that process we gain much happier, peaceful and well-ordered lives with some margin in them.

    2. Being proactive instead of reactive (looking down the road and preparing for emergencies prevents unrepairable or costly/wasteful crisis). Maintaining is much easier than repairing.

    3. Scheduling it. Most of us don't even get around to meeting with our friends or showering etc, let alone going to the doctor or dentist or paying bills, getting our car fixed etc unless we make a plan for WHEN it is going to happen. We will never likely be hit with a natural inclination to tie into something unpleasant or difficult (or at the very least, we can never be sure if or when the mood will hit). Most people understand that they need to look at their bills for the month and their income before deciding on their entertainment or purchasing. Less people understand that their time is the same - there are regular bills that come due that must be paid before spending their leisure time on what they choose.

    These are lessons that I am still struggling to stay on top of, but I've found that both working with kids, as well as trying to help adults who have these problems has helped to clarify what my own issues are.

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